Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?


Most pet lovers will love to share their time with their dogs. Some people feel that sharing their beds with their dogs offers an extra security blanket. However, sharing something with your dog can be bad in some instances, such as sharing food. Most veterinary will advise dog owners to limit the human foods they provide to their dogs. This is because dog foods have been carefully formulated to address the nutritional needs of our furry friends. In addition, there are also human foods that can be toxic to our pets, such as chocolate.


Why is Chocolate Toxic to Our Dogs?


Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Different types ofchocolates have different toxicity levels since they contain a varying portion of methylxanthines compounds. The dark chocolate, cocoa, and chocolate we used for cooking contain the highest level, while the white and milk chocolates have the lowest. The darker chocolates contain theobromine, which is 3 times more than the white chocolates. Baker chocolate has higher theobromine than dark chocolate.


According to the study, a dog with an average weight of 16 pounds would only need to ingest a pound of white chocolate to reach that dangerous toxic level. Furthermore, it only requires an ounce of cocoa powder for your dog to experience the side effects of methylxanthines. This is why you should never feed your dog with any chocolate. If you suspect that your dog unintentionally ingested chocolate, you have to seek the help of your veterinarian at once.


The Complications of Chocolate

 Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Chocolate is derived from the seed of cacao. This product contains a compound known as methylxanthines, including caffeine and theobromine. The molecules of this substance will attach to the receptors and prevent the natural compound from attaching to the cell’s surface. The low dose of this ingredient may provide euphoria to humans, but it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea in our dogs. This is because humans can break down this compound more efficiently. Sadly, our dogs do not produce the required enzymes to break down the theobromine.

 Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

If your dog consumes a high amount of caffeine and theobromine, seizures and muscle tremors could be experienced by your dog. The normal heart rate of the dogs will be doubled, which can be dangerous. Ingesting chocolates may lead to internal hemorrhage and heart attack during severe cases. Theobromine can also over-stimulate the central nervous system of our pets.


You should always refrain from giving your dogs chocolate as a reward. This is not just a myth, and a small piece of this treat can harm or kill our beloved pets. We always encourage you to use the foods designed for the dogs. Based on the statistics, at least three dogs are being hospitalized during chocolate-centered holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

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