Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website


WordPressPlugins are powerful tools to extend and add functionality to your website. This article will discuss the best plugins that should be included in your website. Though the nature of your website will determine the best WordPress plugins that you should use, some will surely add amazing functionality to your site. Most of them are intended to streamline the process and minimize your work.


The Best WordPress Plugins

When we created this list, we ensured that we would provide you with a complete balance of social media, marketing, security, SEO, and speed. The WordPress plugins are intended to create a secure, SEO-friendly, and robust site. It will also guarantee the site manager has all the aesthetic tools needed to create an appealing and modern website.


Yoast SEO

 Best WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO (formerly known as Yoast) is a freemium WordPress plugin that will guide you to optimize existing content and create SEO-Friendly content. This will allow you to achieve a better SERP ranking. The goal of using this plugin is to create content that will increase your online authority and visibility. In addition, the plugin allows you to measure the readability of your content. It also displays the focus keywords of your article.


W3 Total Cache


The best way to enhance the performance of your website is through caching. Basically, caching allows you to temporarily store the website's data that will enable it to load faster the next time that your audience visits it. You need to make sure that this option is enabled in your WordPress. The W3 Total Cache will cache the pages and post them into an HTML file. It will ultimately reduce the time needed to load the page, which will enhance your site's overall performance. It comes with browser caching, object caching, database caching, and page caching. It allows you to save up to 80% bandwidth.


Monster Insights

 Best WordPress Plugins

This plugin is definitely the best plugin intended for Google Analytics. It makes it possible to connect your WordPress website to your Google Analytics, letting you gather data and information about your audience. You can adjust your site based on their activity, increasing your earning potential. The Monster Insights can be available on a free version; you might want to try this before paying for the Pro version.




This is one of the best WordPress Plugins that the people behind WordPress develop. It serves as a default plugin that analyze the comments and filter spam comments. It also comes with an advanced security feature apart from spam protection. It is one of the best plugins designed to keep your website secured.



 Best WordPress Plugins

You should never disregard the power of this tool. It allows you to link your different social media accounts and share your post with one click. Take note that web content that does not have any social interaction will be marked as spam by Google. You can integrate your Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, etc. You can customize the post's content in limitless ways, but usually, it will post the first paragraph of your content.


We hope that we have helped you look for the best WordPress Plugins designed to enhance your website security, functionality, speed, and performance by reading this article. If you think that we miss something, leave them in our comment section to help our readers.

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