A Quick Guide on Funeral or Cremation Cost


Suppose you summarize the funeral or cremation cost. In that case, you would understand that the total price can be divided into three categories: the Basic Memorial Service fee, additional goods and services, and cash advances. A profound understanding of the average pricing will help you avoid a more depressing state. Your situation now is emotionally exhausting; you do not want to worsen it by spending more than you can afford. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you during this difficult time.


The Basic Funeral Service and Cremation Cost


Cremation Cost

This fee is intended for the necessary services combined with the overhead cost related to the funeral service. The basic price is an integral part of every funeral ceremony, but the charge may vary from various companies. It may include processing the documents, securing a death certificate and essential permits, storing the remains properly, coordinating with the crematory, cemetery and other third-party service providers, and additional overhead costs associated with the operation and facility.


For the burial and the cremation cost, they may offer you a flat rate where the price will not change regardless of the arrangement you prefer. However, there are different instances where the basic funeral service can change, such as


·         Opting for a direct cremation or direct burial


·         If the only responsibility of the funeral service is to forward the remains


·         If the only responsibility of the funeral home is to receive the remains


Your basic fee will probably be lower than usual in the above-stated instances. Nonetheless, funeral homes also charge a flat rate regardless of the situation.


Extra Goods and Services

 coffin price


Funeral homes offer additional goods and services for an extra cost. You may avail of this based on your judgment and preference. Some services and goods may include cosmetic preparation, embalming, using a cemetery chapel or funeral home for cremation service or memorial service, vehicles such as limousine, urn or casket, and burial clothing. Based on the existing funeral rule by the Federal Trade Commission, the funeral home should not charge you for the cost of the goods if you choose to avail it in other means. But some funeral homes will require conducting extra services based on the funeral service you acquire. For instance, they may require embalming if you choose to use the funeral home for viewing; this will also come with extra funeral and cremation cost.


Cash Advances

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These are the fee that will be charged for the services and goods that the funeral homes avail on your behalf. Cash advances may include flowers, obituary filing, car rentals, musician, clergy, and crematory charges. Remember that the company should fully disclose the funeral and cremation cost that they are charging. They should also divulge any refunds or discounts that they received for their suppliers on the cash advance goods and services.


By understanding the average funeral service and cremation cost, you will be able to plan a good but affordable memorial service for your loved one.


What to Do if I Can't Afford a Funeral

 Cremation Cost

The funeral and cremation cost can get very expensive. It can even increase when you hire the service of a Funeral Director, purchase a casket, have a memorial service, and other related services. Expenses associated with a funeral can start from $12,000 and increase immensely. However, you need to remember the true essence of holding a memorial service. It is a way to celebrate the deceased's life; it is an opportunity to grieve with others, start the healing process, and pay tribute to the dead. How much you spend on the funeral will not reflect how you care about the deceased. Here's a short guide to help you in a situation wherein you can't afford the funeral service and cremation cost.


Is There Any Help Available?

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You should understand that there is a minimum level of help available for the families of the deceased. It is the family's responsibility to arrange a funeral that is suitable for their budget. The available charitable assistance from the funeral industry has been reduced due to the uncertainties looming in the economy. The average funeral home will require an upfront fee, while the remaining amount will be settled after the conclusion of the funeral service. An increasing number of funeral homes require a complete payment, especially if the family is requesting additional services. Remember that these funeral companies are not in any way responsible for offering you an installment package. It is also legally appropriate for them to insist on a full payment after signing the contract.


What to do if I can't afford a funeral?

 Cremation Cost

Fortunately, there are still ways you can use to finance the funeral, such as using your benefits on social security. Funeral loans will require you to undergo a comprehensive credit check before receiving approval. This method may prove difficult, especially when you need immediate cash to settle the cost of funeral service. Financing is only ideal and suitable for those individuals with a great credit standing. The state of the burial assistance is also discouraging. Some states also have an existing indigent program only intended for the homeless and indigent people who died in a healthcare institution. Even if you qualify, the state will only shoulder the basic funeral and cremation cost.


Consider the more Affordable Alternatives

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The direct cremation cost can be arranged for only a nominal amount. The cost of the direct cremation can range from $700 up to $900. This means that your family can arrange a basic disposition at a very reasonable price and conduct a noble memorial ceremony. Natural burial is also more affordable compared to traditional burial. Most states allow individuals to bury their deceased at their property without legally availing the lavish casket. A home funeral can cost at a low price of $ 1,000 only.


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