Your Short Guide on New Year's Resolution


New Year's resolution has been prevalent in some countries found in the Western Hemisphere. It is when someone pledges to change something to improve his career, health, and money. However, it is challenging to stick to it most of the time. People will lose their motivation and immediately return to what they used to do.


Why Do Most New Year's Resolution Fail?


Guide on New Year's Resolution

People fail to keep up with their New Year's resolution because of their unrealistic goals. Other people lose track of the plans, and the remaining others forget about them. It also won't help if you create a long list of resolutions. Based on the research, at least 88% of people who started their resolution list fail, even though most are determined to transform themselves. Men have a higher percentage in completing their goals, such as losing weight, while women have a higher success rate when they tell their plans to their friends and the public.


It is challenging to maintain your engagement on the resolution after New Year's excitement has passed; however, it is not impossible. At least 8% of them have been successful in religiously following their resolution. Here are some of the standard New Year's resolutions that will enhance your health and increase your money. Hopefully, we can also share some tips to improve your motivation and  make your resolution a habit.


Exercise regularly

 Guide on New Year's Resolution

A healthy body can reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases such as heart attack, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and others. It also helps us trim down the excess fats, promotes a longer life span, lowers the amount of cholesterol in your body, improves your condition, and enhances your mood. It is not surprising to see the gym and sports facilities packed with people who want a healthy lifestyle after the New Year. To stick with your fitness regimen, hire a personal trainer who will motivate you.


Get out of Debt


If you are one of the people who had some money-related issue last year, you don't want to experience that all over again this year. Manage your finances better. Before shopping for your weekly needs, write the stuff you must buy and avoid overspending. Separate the money for the monthly utility bills and other payments; with this, you can guarantee that you have the cash to deal with it. Save at least 10% of your salary. It may appear insignificant, but you will realize how much you save after the year. However, do not carelessly spend this money; invest them; otherwise, you’ll find it challenging to get out of your debt.


Learn New Things

 Guide on New Year's Resolution

It is always good to learn something new. We are always a student of life, and we should not stop learning new things. Do you want a career change, or do you like to learn a new language or perhaps a basic technical program to fix your computer? You can learn anything by following a simple tutorial video on YouTube, guide book or attending a training or seminar. There are also possibilities that the nearest university is offering a program related to different subjects. New things may aid you in your money or health aspects.


Quit Smoking


Smoking has got to be one of the most challenging habits to break. Most people would promise to stop smoking, but they will return to their old habits after a while. To give you a hint, most of the chemicals stored in cigarettes are poisonous, carcinogenic, and highly toxic. If you are determined to stop this habit, there are support hotlines, services, and classes helping people quit smoking.

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