Your Short Guide on Email Automation


If your business is not investing in email automation, you are not getting the maximum revenue that your business can generate. As opposed to what others may think, email marketing is far from being dead. While we are waiting for a replacement that can be as functional and productive as email, we have to take advantage of it fully. By automating your email, the messages will be automatically sent if a particular event triggers it. The email can be sent using your email marketing automation software. Nonetheless, look for an automation tool that comes with customization features to make your message more personalized.


What Can Email Automation Do for Your Business


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Online marketing is ‘process-driven.’ When you have someone included in your email list, there is a possibility that you will compose broadcast emails that you will send daily. However, you should also write a standard email to send to prospects, existing, and new customers. You should not just send the emails; you should also monitor what will happen to the email that you will send. This is why email automation is the best solution for you. Study shows that at least 75% of the company generates revenue comes from a triggered campaign. An email campaign is responsible for at least 21% of the marketing revenue.


The Type of Event that Can Trigger Your Email Automation


Here are some examples of events that can trigger your email marketing automation.


After someone signs up to your list


This email automation is often referred to as a welcome email. The system will send an email that welcomes your new prospected client after signing up on your marketing list. After sending the welcome message, you can now discuss their problems and then provide a solution to their problem. If they haven’t acted upon your offer, you can then send them a message reminding them about it. You can also offer them an ‘alternative solution.’



In case your visitor is your past subscriber


If an email subscriber visits your website, there are emails marketing automation tools that can monitor the pages they have visited. The email automation tool can send an email contingent upon the page they visited and their actions while on your website.


If a subscriber clicks a link

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If you send the message to your email subscriber and they click on a particular link, some emails will automatically be sent depending on the link that they will click. It will ensure that the message will be more relevant to them.


Cart Abandonment


This event is very powerful for eCommerce sites. Study shows that at least 60% of the cart is being abandoned after adding the items on their cart. With the help of email automation, you can encourage them to return to your site and complete their purchase. At least 10% of cart abandonment can be recovered if you remind them about it.


Email automation tool is a fundamental part of developing the subscribers of your business. Whether you are selling online or not, it is recommended to build your email subscriber.

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