Your Guide on Salt Inhalers


In just a short period, Salt Inhaler has turned into one of the most in-demand products in the wellness industry. Although the use of salt is often considered taboo, it can offer actual health benefits. Aside from adding flavors to our traditional cooking, it may also be used for detoxification, air purifier, skin treatment, and halotherapy.


What is a Himalayan Salt?


Benefits of salt inhalers

The Himalayan salt is extracted from the crystalline salt bed nestled on the mountain range of Himalaya. Experts believe that these salts were formed more than millions of ages ago. It was developed when the place was still covered with volcanic lava cooled by snow and ice. These layers of coverings were able to protect the substance from different types of pollutants, resulting in the purest salt found on the earth's surface. The delicate rose-quartz tone is due to the iron oxide incorporated with the substance.


What is Salt Inhaler?


Contrary to what most people believe, salt inhaler has been used for ages. The ancient civilization has been utilizing them for different forms of therapy. According to the records, Hippocrates is steaming the salt to purify his lungs and the air he breathed. The ancient Greeks have Halotherapy for treating respiratory conditions. There are also cave rooms filled with salty air found in Eastern Europe that is being utilized for more than hundreds of years. These salt rooms have recently been adopted in the different polluted areas in London and New York. It aids people who have breathing-related problems. Ayurvedic and the Yoga cultures of India also relied on inhaling salt to cleanse their throat and nose. The neti pot is one perfect example to fight against harmful organisms.


Is Salt Inhaler Effective?


The renewed interest in Salt Inhaler developed during the mid-19th century. When Dr. Felix Boczkowski realized that the men working in the salt mines had never contracted any lung-related illness. Since that time, various sanatoriums have been established in different salt mountains located all over Europe. These are caves that are hundreds of meters below the ground used as a form of therapy for people with lung disease and respiratory allergies. This form of rock inhaler therapy is called Speleotherapy.


What is Speleotherapy?

 Benefits of salt inhalers

Speleotherapy has been authorized as a complementary therapy for individuals with different pulmonary infections. The patient will be required to spend up to 8 hours per day inside the cave, wherein he will breathe the salt particles and sodium chloride. Despite its effectiveness, the location of the salt caves and the long hours of therapy make it inconvenient for the patient, which resulted in the introduction of the salt inhalers of today.


The first salt pipe was introduced in 2002 in Europe. Since then, different models have been introduced based on the original design. Ultrasonic Salinizer was invented in 2008 and proved to be as effective but a convenient and inexpensive form of a salt inhaler therapy. Salt is scientifically proven to contain hydrophilic, mucolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a viable substance in addressing different health conditions.


What Are the Benefits of Salt Inhaler?


Nutrition experts and medical practitioners recommend salt-free diets to promote optimized health. However, our body requires a certain amount of sodium to function properly. Therefore, using the salt inhaler may offer myriads of health benefits. It contains different traces of essential minerals that are vital for our human body's existence. These minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfate, and sodium chloride. Since the salt in the salt inhalers is colloidal, they penetrate deeply into our cells, making it easier for our system to absorb them. Here are the different health benefits that you can have with salt inhaler therapy.


Promotes a Good Respiratory Health

 Benefits of salt inhalers

The inhalation of salt has been used as a form of therapy designed to improve the overall respiratory function and strength. It is also utilized to increase lung capacity. Different studies that date back to the year 1800 found out that breathing ionized and pure salt can reduce the possibility of contracting a respiratory illness. It can also reduce the irritation caused by pollution and cigarette smoke.


It Eliminates the Harmful Organisms


Salt Inhalers is being used as a cleansing solution against the harmful organism present in the air. People with respiratory ailments commonly use it during holistic treatments. Some people also claim that it works more effectively than the doctors' prescribed medicine.


Ease Redness and Swelling


Himalayan salt also has an anti-inflammatory property that can instantly reduce the amount of swelling and redness. It supports the body in fighting the reaction that can lead to the deterioration of the body in the long run.


Detoxification of Air

 Benefits of salt inhalers

According to the study, an average individual breathes enormous chemicals daily. It can be in the form of smoke, pet dander, smog, and dust. It only means that our lungs continuously suffer from stress caused by these pollutants. Most smokers have also reported an immense improvement in their condition upon using salt inhalers. It also aids them in lessening the withdrawal syndrome related to quitting.


It Lowers the Blood Pressure


Since the Himalayan salt used in the salt inhaler is a high source of potassium, it can also stabilize our blood pressure level. Combine this with some breathing techniques that will calm your mind and ease your worries to make it more effective.


Aside from that, salt inhalers also relaxe our brain. The capacity to move freely and deeply encourages our body's natural reaction to relaxation. As a result, it also can promote good sleep by reducing the possibility of snoring, night coughs, and other sleeping conditions related to breathing. Doctors believe that it is also an essential solution during the flu season.

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