Why Small Business Need Website


According to Clutch's latest study, at least 46% of the small businesses in the US are not utilizing the internet to interact and conduct business with their customers. On the other hand, CIRA has found out that only 41% of the small companies have a website. Probably one of the biggest reasons why you need a website is because your prospective customers are located online. Individuals will spend at least 36.3 hours per month online based on the study. At least 81% of adults also have smartphones and other handheld gadgets to access the internet and consume media for more than 1 hour per day.


Reasons Why Small Business Need Website


Small business website

If you are operating a small business and the reason we mentioned above did not convince you, the reasons we will mention below will definitely persuade you to develop a solid online authority and presence.


Internet Has Become an Integral Part of the Human Lives


During the earlier times, a business is not required to have a website, mainly if it operates on a local level. 

However, most people today use the internet to gather information, even on a local scope. Your prospective customers are searching online to look for a reliable business that they can trust. 

It simply means that your business needs to appear on the search result when a possible customer is conducting a local search.


Improves the Credibility of Your Business

 Small business website

People nowadays will expect that your business has an official site. When you do not have a website, the customers may look at it as a red flag and question your business's legitimacy. 

They may think that you do not have the technological proficiency to address their needs or that you do not have the right resources to afford a website. 

You want people to think that you are credible in providing your service.


It is a Powerful Marketing Channel


An official website for your business will provide you with online visibility; you just have to improve that presence. 

It is a powerful marketing platform for reaching out to your possible customers and introducing your service or product. 

Your online presence will ultimately depend upon your marketing efforts, such as online advertising, SMM, SEO, and blogging.


Enhance Your Lead Generation Strategy

 Small business website

Persuading people to provide their email addresses on a piece of paper is difficult. However, encouraging people to type their email addresses on a box is more manageable, especially if they will get something in return. 

For instance, if they can receive newsletters, ebooks, or reports, you will get their email address quickly. Getting their email address is another opportunity for you to reach them and convert them into a customer.


The industry of Ecommerce has been increasing annually, and it is projected to increase as time passes by. The US alone is expected to increase up to $385 billion this year. Developing a website gives you a powerful platform to increase your revenue.

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