Why Should I Choose Careers in Law?


A career in legal practice is considered by many as an unexpected calling. To be a lawyer requires a significant investment and commitment, not only on financial terms. It is necessary to consider many things and have a comprehensive knowledge about the profession before going into this daunting journey. We will enumerate the reason that you must know that might convince you that the legal work is suitable for you.


Reasons to Consider Careers in Law


why choose a career in law

While reading some of the benefits listed in this section, you also need to keep in mind that careers in law also have some drawbacks.


The Income Potential


Whether you are working as a sole practitioner, solicitor, or legal entrepreneur, different law industry professions belong to the highest paying jobs. The average lawyer's salary in the US is above the national average. According to the latest numbers, the average salary is around $126,930 (2020). Nonetheless, the most experienced lawyers can rake in millions of dollars. The lawyer's income will highly depend upon their area of expertise, experience, geographic location, and the number of clients. The lawyers employed by the biggest firms in major cities will earn more.


The Prestige

 why choose a career in law

Careers in law have always been associated with prestige and exclusivity. Not everyone has the patience to complete the educational and professional practice required to be a lawyer. They need to have a solid track record, including their years in the industry and academic degree, but all of these will result in generous salary, financial stability, and authority.



An Opportunity to Help


Not everyone in this sector is determined to amass wealth; some are more focused on delivering aid to people in need. The people who are following a career path in the legal practice are suitable people to help individuals, groups, or organizations in a legal predicament. Those who aim to preserve a just and equal society are considered champions of the masses. Being a public lawyer allows you to provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford them. Nonetheless, private lawyers are still willing to handle a pro bono case.


Intellectual Stimulation

 why choose a career in law

For those looking for intellectually stimulating work, careers in law would be the perfect job for you. You will find it a rewarding job. It is an excellent avenue to release all your frustrations. Lawyers are known for having the skills of analysts, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers. A career in this sector will help you change your perspective about different matters.


Wide Area of Specialization


The legal practices sector is in continuous development. You will not have to do redundant work and never feel trapped by the corporate world. You have this opportunity to widen your field segmentation and area of specialization. It comes with a variety of sub-specialties. You have this freedom to specialize in the legal scope that interests you, such as foreclosure law, personal injury law, business law, employment, and civil litigation.


If you plan to build your careers in law, and you may not be aware of its various benefits, the aforementioned reasons can hopefully convince you. Have you reached a decision after reading this article? If so, we will tell you some of the skills you need to develop to succeed in this field.



What are the Skills Needed for Successful Careers in Law?


Your first year at the law university will feel a bit overwhelming. You are being exposed to new people and new surroundings. The structure of your learning timetable will also be altered, and there is a higher emphasis on independent study. Aside from preparing for the challenging and inevitable exams, some students will spend some of their time socializing with others. While socializing is an integral part of your university experience, you should also treat this as a form of investment for your future career as a solicitor, sole practitioner, or legal entrepreneur.


Top Skills That You Should Develop When Considering Careers in Law


Work experience in the related legal works is essential together with solid grades on your academic subjects, especially if you want to secure a Pupilage or Training Contract. The moment you enter the law university, you should already ask yourself about the future of your legal practice. You are probably thinking about the best route, should you take the career of a solicitor, sole practitioner, or legal entrepreneur. Obtaining the right experience is essential in developing your skills.


Oral Communication Skills

 why choose a career in law

Language is undoubtedly one of the essential tools when pursuing careers in law. You should deliver information in a logical, clear, and precise manner. You should have the ability to communicate compellingly. You should have the experience to advocate a specific cause or position. Legal practitioners are also required to master the different terminologies used in this field. Their listening skills will also be developed by having excellent oral communication skills.


Written Communication


Written communication skill is crucial in legal practice. A slight difference can change the entire meaning of the clause. You will be required to compose various written works, from a simple letter to an intricate legal document. To become a legal professional requires you to have mastery of the mechanical and stylistic parts of writing. You should also be able to comprehend the basics of English grammar.


Logical and Analytical Reasoning


Professionals in legal practice should learn how to assimilate a considerable amount of complex information using an effective and efficient approach. To develop this skill, you should review complex documents and create connections with the legal personnel. You should also try to build your problem-solving and organization skills.


Research Skill

 why choose a career in law

Researching a wide range of information such as regulations, statutes, judicial opinion, case law, and legal concept is essential to have successful careers in law. You should master the various techniques of legal research. You should know how to synthesize and locate the legal authorities.


Finally, knowledge of technology is also essential in legal practice. Technology is starting to change the landscape of the legal industry. To ensure your efficacy and efficiency in this job, you should use various programs and tools that will help you attain the desired court decision.

The Skills Needed to Have Successful Careers in Law

Careers in Law

Like the other careers, the right set of skills will serve as the foundation of your successful career in law. There are instances where the legal firms will be looking for a persuasive and creative writer, and others want someone analytical. This sector is known for being competitive, and you need to make sure that you excel on the required skills to increase your chance of success. Make sure to refine and enhance these essential skills to ensure that your portfolio will remain competitive. There are thousands of students taking education on legal practice, but there are not enough law firms to accommodate all of them.


Commercial Awareness

 Legal Practice

According to legal recruitment agencies, one of the most important characteristics of a potential candidate would be commercial awareness. It means that you need to remain aware of the current developments related to international, national, or local business. Most law firms will expect their legal entrepreneurs to have the ability to market themselves to prospective clients. After all, they are still considered as a business, and they appreciate individuals who value the commercial importance of confidentiality, managing costs, and meeting deadlines.




Strong written and oral communication skill is also vital when developing careers in law. When you are lacking in this department, you will often struggle to carry out the solicitor's basic duties. You are also expected to possess excellent listening skills. You need to have the capacity to make your clients feel confident. Speaking is normally involved when negotiating settlements and arguing the validity of the case. You need to deliver it in a clear and persuasive voice. Writing skills can also become handy when drafting legal documents and letters. You need to convey the message in a precise and clear manner.


Good Attention to Details

 Legal Practice

Prioritizing accuracy is crucial if you want to succeed in your legal practice. A single mistake in the placement of the word can alter the meaning of the clause. An error in spelling and grammar can also put you in a bad light. When applying to a legal firm, the recruiter will mostly analyze your punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes.


Time Management


To be suitable for the demanding nature of legal practice, you need to have excellent time management and organizational skills. You need to be efficient in juggling multiple works. You have to possess a strong work ethic no matter how long the work hours can be. Finally, the law firms are also considering the academic abilities of the qualified applicant. Careers in law are normally intellectually demanding, and they want to make sure that you will be able to process the detailed information in this field. You need to have that ability to adapt to the pressures of the job and demonstrate that through a particular university or academic achievement.


Frequently Asked Questions on Careers in Law

 Legal Practice

If you want to start a career in legal practice, some questions are probably troubling your mind. You need to know why you should choose this or have the necessary skills to succeed in this field. Perhaps you also want to know the average lawyer's salary to ensure that it will be fulfilling and lucrative.


Why Do I Need To Choose Careers in Law?


We discourage you from pursuing careers in law due to the glamour and its exclusivity; you need to have a strong passion for becoming a lawyer. Start by asking yourself if you find this field interesting and what particular aspects of law interest you. The only way to find out if this is the ideal field for you is to get some work experience in the industry of legal profession.


What Strengths and Qualities Are Needed to Be a Great Lawyer?


There are several core skills needed to become a competitive lawyer. Most of the skills required for legal practice can be honed during your academic years and by completing some work experience. Some of the qualities that the legal recruiters normally prefer include communication skills, commercial awareness, accuracy, leadership, teamwork, intellectual ability, motivation, and resilience. On the off chance that you possess a majority of these skills, then starting a career in law may be a great option.


Is it Important to Have Excellent Grades on A-Level?

 Careers in Law

Legal practice is an intellectually demanding industry. You will need to possess the intellectual ability required to meet this demand. You will be able to showcase this ability through the grades of your university or academic subjects. Furthermore, to become a qualified apprentice for a solicitor or legal entrepreneur, you should have three subjects on A-Level with grades A-C.


Should I Apply for an Apprenticeship or Enrol at a University?


For the last couple of years, the chance to work for an apprenticeship has become a great option. Some firms are taking leavers to work on their paralegal departments. Some people really consider this option rather than pursuing a degree in the university. Some people may choose an apprenticeship in legal practice due to financial reasons. Those who prefer to receive education through vocational training should also consider an internship.


How Do I Enhance my Work Experience?

 Careers in Law

As mentioned above, an apprenticeship is a great way to get work experience. However, you should not be limited by this scheme. You will also be able to do shadowing for the associate or trainee by sending a letter to a legal entrepreneur or law firm that you are interested in. A Pro bono scheme may also be offered by the legal centers and universities. Initially, you will be involved in answering phones and stuffing envelopes, but it can be a great introduction to the legal practice.


Fortunately, by answering some of the questions we mentioned above, we could clear out some misconceptions and concerns that you have in your mind regarding careers in law.


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