Why Does the Egg Fast Diet Work?


An increasing number of people are constantly hunting for that perfect diet that will help them lose weight. The latest weight-loss fad would be the egg fast diet. When I first encountered this diet plan, I instantly got curious about it. While the idea of consuming eggs to lose weight may not sound appealing to some, you may want to be aware of the physiological effect of this diet on your body to understand how effective it is.


Reasons Why Egg Fast Diet Works Effectively


Why Does the Egg Fast Diet Work

Here are some logical and direct reasons why Egg Fast Diet is so effective. It will prove that this diet will help you pass the weight-loss plateau and trigger the muscle-building process.


It has a Low Amount of Carbohydrates


Most people incorporating the ‘Egg Fast Diet’ into their daily routine have experienced doing the ketogenic or Atkin’s diet. Unfortunately, with the other low-carb diet, there is still a possibility that your body is storing extra glycogen. With the egg fast diet, you are basically consuming 10 grams of carbohydrates every day. Furthermore, it is a complex carbohydrate that allows you to feel fuller for a longer time. The amount of stored glycogen will start to diminish, leading to a considerable water loss.


A Healthy Dose of Protein

 Keto egg fast recipes

With the egg fast diet, you are restricting the amount of carb in your body while promoting protein intake. Eggs are the perfect source of healthy fats and protein; it contains about 30% protein and 65% fats. The protein content of eggs is so nutritional that it serves as the standard of the dietician and nutritionist when gauging the protein content of other foods.


Feel Satiated



With the rich protein and fat content of the eggs, you will feel more satiated for a longer time which prevents unnecessary bingeing. It will decrease the number of calories needed to make you feel fuller. Since it also contains complex carbohydrates, it will also stay longer in our stomach to prevent cravings.


You Are Eating Unprocessed Foods

 Keto egg fast recipes

Another advantage of the egg fast diet is it will prevent you from snacking processed andsalty foods. If you avoid ingesting artificial ingredients for five days, you will feel more satiated. It will help you keep away from binge eating that is often caused by cravings. In addition, it also helps you set a realistic goal. While most of the diets you will encounter are too restrictive, the egg fast diet can be completed in a shorter time frame and not heavily restricted. Knowing that you can accomplish it in a smaller time frame will help you stick with the diet regime.


Some are hesitant to start with this diet since they believe that the level of cholesterol of the egg is high. Nonetheless, you need to remember that eggs only contain healthy types of cholesterol and are packed with protein. You may also add other foods to your diets, such as cheese and avocado, to add variety.    

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