Why Do You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website Design?


Smartphones and other handheld devices are now the more preferred method of accessing the internet. If you are running a business and want to attract a more comprehensive audience, it is best to create a highly mobile-friendly website design. The prevalent trend started last 2013 in the online shopping industry when they noticed an increase in people accessing their site using their mobile devices. Based on the statistics, 55% of people use their mobile devices when shopping as opposed to 45% using desktop and laptop. The numbers have continued to rise over the last few years. It suggests that it will soon surpass 70% of the total time spent on digital media.


Mobile-Friendly Website Design Boost Your Sales


Responsive Website

More and more people are utilizing their mobile devices to access the internet. Based on the statistics, at least 2/3 of Americans have handheld devices. Even the survey that Google conducted favors the mobile-friendly website design

According to the numbers, 74% of online users are highly likely to visit a responsive website. 61% of them will likely leave a site that is not optimized for mobile viewing, and around 67% of the online consumers will probably buy on a responsive webpage. 

It means that you are losing sales if your website is not mobile-optimized.


Customer Loves Responsive Website Design

 Mobile-Friendly Website Design

You need to understand the behavior of your customers. They will not be sitting in front of their laptops the entire day, browsing about things over the internet. 

Your average customers are always on the go, and you are more likely to receive higher web or search traffic if your site is mobile-optimized. 

They want a webpage that they can easily view over their phone. The navigation system should not be complex, and it must offer an outstanding user experience.


Avoid the Google Penalty


After Google initiated the survey about the mobile-friendly website design, they released an update that penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. 

It means that your webpage will have a low SERP ranking and low visibility on search engine sites if your website does not have a responsive design

The lower your ranking on the search result, the less likely your target audience will discover you.


Avoid Losing Business

 Responsive Website

If you are still utilizing the more standard design, you may already notice a sharp decline in your revenue. It is expected since you have lower visibility on various platforms. 

Your audience will prefer to visit a website that they can easily read and access through different gadgets. To avoid this, shift to a mobile-friendly website design right now. 

Nonetheless, do not expect that the traffic will magically increase, you will still have to accomplish your Mobile SEO goals.


Some of the factors that make responsive designs more popular to mobile users would be the fast-loading feature, streamlining of the site that contains outstanding products and high-quality content, and a better navigation system. Increase your online presence by creating a mobile-friendly website design today. Different agencies can create a template that will reflect your branding and marketing plan.

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