What is Social Media Marketing Mix?


The innovation on social media has revolutionized the way people connect, share, and discover information. Most interactions happen online, particularly on social media. It is a great system to build connections and relationships, attract repeat business, and find new customers. Social Media marketing mix is a way to assess how a company can balance and improve its product, cost, distribution channel, and marketing technique. Most businesses have great products, but most will fail due to the wrong analysis of marketing mixes.


The Different Roles of Social Media Marketing Mix


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Since most of your prospects are now found online, it is best to understand the various roles of the social media marketing mix and how they can affect your campaign strategies. Moreover, it also directly impacts your customer service, branding and reputation; therefore, it only makes sense to comprehend the various elements we will mention below.


On Product


The products are offerings of the company that can be categorized as tangible and intangible. Tangible is the goods and the crafts offered in the shop, and intangible includes all the services the consumer may acquire. The company can vastly improve its product by using "targeting." Targeting or finding the right audiences on social media has dramatically improved. It now comes with features that give you insights into customer behaviors. Even third-party providers offer their service to analyze the audience's behavior, also referred to as behavioral targeting. By analyzing your audience's behavior on your social media marketing mix such as the conversation topic, likes, and interest, the information gathered can be utilized to improve your product.


On Price

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There are different ways to determine the right price, either cover the cost or create profit. Covering the cost will include repair and maintenance, which is typically the price model of the non-profit organization. Nevertheless, no matter what the reason may be, the right amount of price can be regulated with the help of a social media marketing mix. The advertisement cost can also be minimized with the targeted advertisement that can increase the chance of sales conversion. The amount saved can be passed down to the consumer by offering your product at a lower price.


The Channel


The channel refers explicitly to the way that a business distributes its product. Most social media nowadays have a way to integrate your marketing channel. Social media is also a perfect place where consumers can reach you and inquire about your product.   It is indeed the ideal place to be if you want to widen your audience reach. The Social Media Marketing mix offers many benefits in terms of providing the perfect place for the company to offer its product.


Promoting the Product


Finally, a social media marketing mix is a great way to promote your business. The days of social media promotion started way back in 2005 on Facebook, followed by different social media giants in the succeeding years. 83% of the companies promote their products on Facebook, 56% on YouTube, and 74% on Twitter. By advertising your product on social media, your product will be exposed to the right audiences through precise targeting.


The Social Media marketing mix is a crucial part of marketing and offers many benefits. It includes seamless connection and creating relationships with your customers. Numerous companies have already noticed the usefulness of social media and have been utilizing it to increase the presence and authority of their business.

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