Website Brand Style Guide


The style guide is essential in website branding. It ensures that your branding will stay consistent all over the different components you created. It is also referred to as the brand bible, which comprises all the crucial data and information you require to address the company's needs. The Website Brand Style Guide can make your life easier, from the internal memo and marketing to website development.


The Process of Creating a Website Brand Style Guide


We've discussed before the process of creating a custom website design. It is an opportunity for you to showcase the business's goals, core, and purpose. It also ensures that your website will be competitive, accessible, and offer an outstanding user experience.


Website Brand Style Guide

Placement and Size of the Logo


Remember that your logo is an essential part of your branding campaign. You will need to ensure that it is consistently reflected all over your site. When creating your website brand style guide, specify a particular instruction that dictates the web developer on utilizing your company logo. You should also educate them about how they should not use your logo. Remember that some designers are pretty artistic and adventurous, and you need to remind them of the things that you don't want to see.

The logo will serve as the core of your company's branding and marketing strategy. It helps your customers to easily recognize your business. Therefore, you should be able to shrink this into a favicon that will be displayed even if you minimize the browser. You should also display this on the upper half fold of your website and other important messages such as the about us section. Remember that your audience will not have the time to read your About Us section. Therefore, your logo must be able yo convey different information regarding your business.


Choosing your Preferred Color Palette

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It is crucial to provide the hex code for your desired color for your logo since it is just too easy for a designer to change the color. Pantone colors and the CMYK value should also be provided if some things need to be printed. Some colors may also appear differently on different materials, so you have to be mindful of that.


Choosing the Font Style


The font that you will use in the website brand style guide should reflect your site's identity. It is essential to be consistent and give you that professional appeal. The Font Style that you will state in your guide should not be restricted to the logo alone. See that you will also provide the font style for the other text in your webpage.


The Icon

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One thing that can set your company apart from the competition and give you that unique identity would be the icon. Include it in your website brand style guide to ensure that the web developer will be utilizing it appropriately.


Photography Style


Even photography can be used for your website branding. Setting a specific style on your photography can allow people to recognize your brand. Ensure that you include the kind of photography instruction in your style guide. When providing an instruction to the photographer, make sure you have a sample photo since most photographers can better understand the instruction visually.


These are the basics of creating a website brand style guide. You will find this helpful during the development phase of your webpage. Remember that the style that you are creating is continuously evolving. What you used to create your website last week may be different from the guide that you will use two years from now. It will help you be precise, clear, and consistent in your branding.

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