Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado


Do you feel frustrated every time you go on a vacation, and the places you are staying are the same, unremarkable hotel? Believe me; it is just too tiring to stay in an unmemorable place when visiting a beautiful and enthralling site like Colorado. Sometimes, you feel disconnected and think you deserve something better, unforgettable, and unique. To those who are looking for exciting and unusual places to stay in Colorado, here are some of our recommendations.


Movie Manor


Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado
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What can be a better place to stay than watching a movie at the drive-in cinema while relaxing at your hotel? The Movie Manor is the only drive-in theatre/hotel in the world that has been offering its convenient service for travelers in Colorado for more than 50 years. Once you book a reservation on the Movie Manor, you may also ask about the movies they will be playing and the time.


Fire Lookout Tower at the Peak of Squaw Mountain

 Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado

Those looking for something unusual may spend a night at the old tower near Denver. The Forest Service is renting this place for only $100 per night. The location is quite ideal for a group of travelers.    There are sets of bunk beds located downstairs and two beds on the second floor. Though it looks a bit creepy outside, the place is surprisingly convenient. It has a complete kitchen facility, pots, dishes, sink, toaster, coffee maker, stove, refrigerator, etc. It is one of the recommended places to stay in Colorado for thrill-seekers.


Stanley Hotel

 Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado

The Stanley Hotel was initially built to impress the travelers who are coming from the East. It is where the horror master, Stephen King, wrote his novel 'The Shining.' Built in 1900 in Estes Park, it has been regarded as one of Colorado's best places to stay. They offer guided tours which include the paranormal and movie history. The rate of staying in this hotel will start at $200.


Carr Manor

 Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado

If you examine the structure of the Carr Manor carefully, you will quickly notice that this is the previous structure of the Cripple Creek that was built in the year 1896. Each classroom has been redesigned to become a hotel room, but they choose to keep the chalkboard. The management decided to put chalk inside the hotel to let the guests write on the blackboard. The hall of the hotel is full of antiques, and the high ceiling of the old high school structure is still apparent. The previous auditorium of the Colorado high school has been transformed into a Grand Ballroom that is typically used for special occasions.


Opus Hut

 Unusual Places to Stay in Colorado

This is probably one of the best yet unusual places to stay in Colorado. It is a backcountry hut that comes with a majestic and enchanting view of nature. The meals that are being offered in this humble place are genuinely delectable. The average rate is around $40 for every person.


For those travelers who are just too tired of staying in a conventional type of hotel, the list of our unusual places to stay in Colorado may be the ideal type of accommodation for you.

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