Ultimate Guide on Handcrafted Jewelry


Initially, handmade products were considered the most premium items in the industry, but with today's culture of mass production, finding high-quality craftsmanship can be a challenge. The art of crafting jewelry has been sitting in the center of tradition and culture of various countries worldwide. Handcrafted jewelry has been deemed the best type of jewelry you can ever find in the market. They usually are more costly compared to commercially produced jewelry. Nonetheless, you want to make sure that you buy the highest quality of artisan jewelry. This guide will help you analyze some of the elements of ethnic jewelry to guarantee its excellence.


The Level of Craftsmanship

Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is a handmade item by highly skilled artisans. You need to examine the level of craftsmanship, from the profound details to the aesthetic value of the jewelry. You also need to consider the complex method used in casting the base metal, the cut of the jewelry, and how they arranged the necklace's beading. The quality of the craftsmanship encompasses the intricate process used in crafting the jewelry.


The Cultural Heritage

 Ethnic Jewelry

Those buying handcrafted jewelry are aware that they support fair trade and sustainable industry. However, you may not be aware that you are also keeping the rich tradition and culture of a community. Various societies in our world have created a technique in creating ethnic jewelry and localizing it. The art behind the handmade jewelry will preserve the culture and tradition where they originated from.


The Excellence


When you acquire your handcrafted jewelry from an extremely skilled artisan, you can guarantee that you are getting the highest quality piece. Handmade jewelry requires keen attention to detail, and they make sure that the materials they use are of the highest quality; commercially made jewelry often has flaws. Most of these mass-produced jewelry pieces used inferior materials such as inexpensive metals and plastics. On the other hand, artisan jewelry only utilized durable and premium materials. They are commonly made up of gold or 925 sterling silver. Ethnic jewelry can also be made from organic materials such as ivory, seashells, woods, etc.


Going Eco-Friendly

 Ethnic Jewelry

Finally, buying handcrafted jewelry is a perfect opportunity to support an eco-friendly industry. It removes the pollutions that are created through mass production. In addition, organic materials also have a negligible impact on our environment compared to plastic manufacturing. Other handmade jewelry pieces are made from reusable items such as gemstone, leather, and metals. In today's increasing concern for our environmental health, going green by supporting the industry of handcrafted items would be a great option.



Ethnic Jewelry Buying Guide

 Handmade Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry is intended to be colorful, unique, and eye-catching. Traditionally, this piece of handcrafted jewelry is not used for decorative purposes. Individuals have been wearing them for protection, strength, fertility and can sometimes be a symbol of the identity of the particular tribe. It may also be used to display the social and economic status of the bearer. Single women also wear ethnic jewelry on the tribe to capture the single men's attention. The husband also gives other types of jewelry to their wife to show everyone in the tribe that they already have a husband.


Fair Trade and Sustainable Economy


Some jewelry workers are creating handcrafted jewelry to eliminate the alarming poverty within the community. These artisans are working hand-in-hand with fairtrade international with hopes that they will improve the standard of living by complying with the association's guidelines. They partner with the consumers and producers, and they regulate the sales to provide the producer with a better deal.


How to Choose the Perfect Ethnic Jewelry

 Handmade Jewelry

The process of choosing the perfect ethnic jewelry is contingent upon your reason for buying. Some individuals are buying handcrafted jewelry for decorative and aesthetic purposes, but some are fascinated by the rich history and the significance of the organic tagua. If you are buying it due to its cultural and historical significance, we advise you to conduct a quick research or personally ask the seller of the jewelry.


The Materials of the Jewelry


The more expensive ethnic jewelry is created chiefly from authentic ivory; however, faux ivory is pretty popular nowadays. The use of organic materials in this handcrafted jewelry is indeed gaining attention where artisans are using woods, bottles, beads, melted glass, and others to create beads. For those looking for authentic ethnic jewelries, the materials utilized should be locally available. There are also pieces of jewelry that have mixed traded items, but generally, the materials should be local. For instance, African jewelry should be composed of fossils, stones, precious metals, and ceramics.


The Design

 Handcrafted Jewelry

The design of authentic ethnic jewelry should be heavily influenced by the tradition and culture of the tribe. For instance, if you are looking for a 925 sterling silver in Thailand, you need to examine and check if the rich tradition of Thailand inspires the principal elements in handcrafted jewelry. However, if you are looking for a more contemporary style, the design should blend the old and modern traditions.


Finally, for those looking for ethnic jewelry, you may want to consider handcrafted jewelry that you can wear on different occasions. You need to account for the versatility of the jewelry, which means that it should be available in varying shapes, colors, and sizes.


Essential Tips When Buying Handcrafted Jewelry Online


Authentic handcrafted jewelry is unique, memorable, and beautiful. Regardless of whether you are looking for that unique jewelry that you will add to your collection or a gift for that woman in your life, there are myriads of options that offer handmade bracelets, necklaces, barrettes, rings, pendants, and earrings. To have a convenient and excellent online shopping experience, we recommend following these essential tips.


Finding a Reputable Source

 Handcrafted Jewelry

Never mistake the handcrafted jewelry from the jewelry that is commercially manufactured. Most online eCommerce sites will only offer mass-produced jewelry. Professional artisans create handmade jewelry with unparalleled passion and pride in their work. When finding a reputable online site, make sure that you will only look for an online store that has been in the industry of artisan jewelry for more than ten years and has been managing a functioning online store for at least 4-6 years.


Inquire on the Customization


When you buy handcrafted jewelry, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. Remember that your artisan jewelry can be adjusted and modified in several ways based on your preference, and you should definitely take advantage of this feature. The necklace length, base metals, the names engraved, the shape, and the design are just some of the elements that can be modified. It is the chance for you to get the kind of jewelry you've always wanted.


Take a Very Accurate Measurement

 Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry is an excellent piece of art but remember; handcrafted jewelry can no longer be returned, unlike commercially produced jewelry. Therefore, it is imperative to have an accurate measurement to ensure that it will be a perfect fit. It only takes a short moment to create a precise measurement that guarantees you that you will be enjoying your piece of jewelry more. If you are looking for a ring, ask someone to take your ring's measurement using a piece of string and wrap it on the largest area of your knuckle. Take the string, hold it against a ruler or a tape measure, and compare the measurement you derive on the sizing chart online. Remember that it is always better to go for something larger, especially if your size is in-between.


Finally, you also need to understand your gemstone by conducting research. The information should not be limited to the gemstone's value; make sure that you also understand the proper maintenance and whether the shade of the gemstone can be enhanced. Those buying handcrafted jewelry are not necessarily buying a piece of item that they can treasure but also precious jewelry that they can pass over to the next generation.


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