Ultimate Guide in Buying Console Tables


Console table or sofa table adds an accent to your family room, hallway, or living room. It is a perfect place where you can add decorations such as pictures, flower vases, and small touches that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and will make it look welcoming. Pairing it with the right mirror will make a compact room appear larger. The console tables are available in different materials, heights, sizes, and styles. Choosing the right furniture that suits your taste and preference can be challenging. To help you with your decision, here are some tips that can create the finishing touch for your home.


How to Choose Console Tables


choosing console table

Before you start looking at the different available console tables, you should first look at the area where you plan to introduce this furniture. Having a clear picture of the space you need to work on will save you a lot of money and time. You will also need to consider your purpose in buying console tables. If you plan to place it at the back of your couch, you need to consider the approximate height of your couch. The console table should be a bit lower than the height of your sofa. You should also check your budget, which will narrow your choices.


The Style of the Console Table


Choosing the right style of the Console Tables will grant your house consistent flow and continuity. The style of the console table can be divided into different types such as traditional, eclectic, transitional, country, modern and contemporary. The conventional type is made from wood, and they are intricately decorated with elaborate designs and details. The transitional style is a combination of contemporary and traditional styles. The contemporary types will generally focus on the form and the function and tend to have a softer and simpler decoration. Modern styles highlight geometrical and symmetrical features and incorporate new techniques, materials, and technology. The country-style denotes the philosophies and customs of the place of its origination.


The Materials Used

 How to Choose Console Tables

Since you will use it to set decorative materials and table lamps, you will need to choose Console tables crafted using high-quality materials. This furniture can be made from leather, glass, stone, or wood. The wood console table is made from highly durable materials that will last for a long time. Hardwood can be made from maple, oak, and beech, and the softwood is generally made from cedars. The console table is intended to rest against the couch or the wall, serving various purposes. It is a versatile type of furniture that can add entertainment, appeal, and function to your room.


Glass or Wood:  Choosing the Right Console Tables

 How to Choose Console Tables

Console tables are a functional and decorative piece of furniture that allows you to display your art piece and collectibles. Furthermore, Console Tables also provide a space for your mobile phones, post, and keys. They are regularly utilized close to the front door or hallway. There are also sofa tables with a drawer where you can place your make-up kit and comb. Choosing between wood and glass would be a lot simpler once you think about the benefits and features of these console tables.


Benefits of the Wood Console Tables

 How to Choose Console Tables

Console tables that are crafted from wood come with decorative patterns. They usually have a strong feature because of the natural character of the wood material. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy once you choose this material option.

·         The high resiliency of the wood will guarantee you that it will last for long years, especially when you take care of it properly.

·         Wood console tables require a low level of maintenance and care. Occasional polishing the wood and wiping it with dry cloth will easily get rid of the dirt and dust and make the furniture shiny and clean.

·         Compared to the glass type, the wood is more eco-friendly due to the low amount of energy used in the manufacturing process. It is also a renewable type of material.

·         Another desirable feature of the wood console table is the unlimited ways to personalize it. You can also modify it easily by staining it or painting it.


Benefits of the Glass Console Tables

 How to Choose Console Tables

Experts believe that a glass console table should not be introduced on entryways and hallways where elders and children reside. Fortunately, the glass console tables can be relatively unbreakable with modern technology. In instances where the glass breaks, the consequences would not be severe compared to the earlier console tables made from glass.

·         The best part of having a glass console table in a room is its flexible design. It can blend perfectly in different rooms, and it also has a smooth look.

·         It is easy to maintain the quality of glass.

·         Glass materials can reflect lights which will make the room appear wider.

 How to Choose Console Tables


You need to stay conscious of the style of your house and the space before choosing what type of console table will suit you. The shabby style will perfectly fit the country or traditional theme, and adding glass console tables will look disconnected. You should also think about the purpose of the console table and the place where you are planning to introduce it. These factors will help you determine if glass or wood is suitable for you.

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