Typing Jobs from Home for Working Mothers


Ten years ago, when you asked someone whether it is possible to find typing jobs from home that pay the bill, they would probably laugh at you. Before the Internet became accessible to the significant population, those offering a home-based job were likely scams than a genuine opportunity.


Typing Jobs from Home:  Get Paid to Type


Typing Jobs from Home

The old "Home jobs" include illegal cash-checking, mystery shoppers, and medical billing that will require you to purchase an expensive product before you may even start your work. Some of them will also ask for an upfront fee even though you are the one doing the task for them. During that time, the notion of making a good salary online is just a fantasy. But a lot has changed since then brought mainly by digital business. Today there are typing jobs from home that will offer you decent money for a small amount of typing. Here are some of them.



Data Transcription

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There are a lot of people seeking transcribers. Most transcribers will be asked to transcribe audio, medical transcription, interview, video, create a subtitle, and others. The first typing jobs from home that I received were transcription of an old legal document dated 1800-1910. These are the title of deeds handwritten in the old English language. The document's quality is very poor, and the way they wrote is a lot different from today's handwritten content. It will be pretty challenging during the first two documents; however, once you start to get the hang of it, the succeeding documents will be a lot easier to transcribe. Some portions of the papers are just redundant, and you just have to copy and paste them into the new document. You will only need to transcribe 50% of the document, which is crucial. Document transcription will pay you around $5-$10 per hour.


Data Entry

 Typing Jobs from Home

Data Entry will not pay you that much compared to Data Transcription. However, it is much simpler compared to Data transcription. You will be able to finish ten documents in a data entry job in just a matter of time. One tip about these typing jobs from home is getting a fixed salary if you know that it will come in bulk, especially with the data entry task. Ask a price for every document and not based on the hours you will work as a freelancer.




If you can speak another local language aside from the English Language, you will find a translation task. Similar typing jobs from home will pay you a hefty salary for translating movies, games, websites, pages, books, eBooks, tutorials, documents, etc. There are a lot of companies that are constantly seeking the service of a local translator. You don't have to be a professional translator to win the job; some companies prefer the locals to translate their work into a specific language.


Social Media Manager

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Managing social media accounts would be the perfect typing jobs from home to those who love to be online and interact with the online community. You have only one task, to keep the community updated and engaged. You will have to post relevant content to encourage others to share it on their news feed, and more people will see it. You need to be fully aware of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There will also be others who will ask you to use a specific tool to integrate all the social accounts into a single software.


Research Task


It is not a simple copy-and-paste job. Researching is a bit intricate compared to the typical typing jobs from home. You will need to be accurate and precise in the information you are searching for. Some research tasks will ask you to find the contact information of a specific company and put them in an excel document or a Google spreadsheet, so you need to educate yourself about the essential function of these tools. Other research tasks are more complex as they will ask you to find information about their rival companies, such as their annual sales, partners, prospective buyers, and many others. You should be aware that the company's next strategy entirely depends on how accurate your research work is.


Freelance Writer

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If you have good grammar and can create detailed research about a particular topic, then being a freelance writer would be the best typing jobs from home. The article's subject can range from anything, from writing about astrology to the scientific explanation of certain things, from biblical philosophy to political issues. It will take you 10-20 minutes to educate yourself about a specific topic and another 10-30 minutes to finish an entire article.


Typing jobs from home provide very flexible working hours and additional salary for the working moms. If you are looking for legitimate online jobs that will help you settle the monthly bills, the jobs mentioned above should be perfect for you.

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