Top Things to Do in Guatemala

Compared to the other countries in Latin America, Guatemala is densely packed with various places to visit and new things to explore. There are things to do in Guatemala for everyone, from the renowned ancient Mayan archaeological site to the national reserves that offer hiking opportunities. The old traditions in this country that dates back to the years of Columbus have remained intact. It won't be easy to find another country that offers diverse activities, experiences, and the taste of local culture.


Best Things to Do in Guatemala

For those of you who know a few things about the country of Guatemala, you probably have some of your favorites. Nonetheless, we decided to focus on the different aspects of the country. You will realize that you need to include many exciting places to visit in your Guatemala tours.


Top Things to Do in Guatemala

The Colonial Side of Antigua

 Top Things to Do in Guatemala

The terrible doing of the conquistador will not hide the fact that they are a great city planner. The organized street number and the grid layout would probably be one of the reasons why people keep visiting Guatemala. It makes the navigation process relatively easy. The colonial charm that has been highlighted by the historic structures and the cobblestone streets will convince you to stay in this city longer than you originally planned. Visit the central plaza during your Guatemala tours, where you will see some of the best souvenir shops.


Lake Atitlan

 Top Things to Do in Guatemala

Some people say that Atitlan is quite overrated, but if you believe in this concept, you haven't experienced the different areas of the city. The town will define your experience during your Guatemala tours. You may spend your day exploring the mountains and villages, or you may have a taste of the local craft beers. One of the things to do in Guatemala would be to take a boat trip and admire the beauty of Lake Atitlan. You will have a fantastic perspective on the non-Mayan culture of the country.


Mayan Ruins

 Top Things to Do in Guatemala

Hiking on the jungle of Central America and emerging on the majestic sight of the Mayan city is definitely a remarkable experience. The complex carvings that adorned the structure's walls will allow you to explore the lost civilization of the Mayan culture. Tikal is probably one of the most renowned destinations during your Guatemala tours since it is believed to be the most extensive Mayan city. Be amazed by the dozens of huge ancient structures hidden inside the forest while listening to the sound of nature that makes the perfect backdrop of your journey.


Finally, you should also check the Semuc Champey that will indeed become your favorite destination if you love admiring the beauty of nature. The limestone formations that decorate the underground river are something you should not miss. There are limitless things to do in Guatemala, and each of them will surprise you in a unique way. From the traditional culture to the modern way of living, you can experience all of that if you visit Guatemala.

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