Top 11 iPhone Repair Centre in UK


Finding a trustworthy repair centre that will fix your iPhone can be an overwhelming process. You need to make sure that they will repair your smartphone to the highest level of standard and protect the information stored in your phone. There are virtually thousands of iPhone repair centres, and finding a legitimate business will not be that easy. Here are some of the companies that we recommend.


11 Best iPhone Repair Centre in UK


UK iPhoneRepair Shop

These are some of the repair centres that have maintained a high-quality of customer service and support. Some proudly showcase verified customer reviews that serve as a testament to the quality of their repairs and service.


1. Apple Store


Owners of apple gadgets can take their iPhone to their local Apple Store and get it fixed. Call them immediately and book an appointment with one of their engineers, who will assess the damage to your phone and repair it. If you are still in the contract period, the Apple engineer will consider this along with the damage of your phone to calculate the cost of repair.



2. Fone Angels

 Fix Iphone Service Center UK

Fone Angels will send you a packaging that is appropriate for your phone. They will assign you to the technician that can handle your concern. The technician will then conduct a diagnosis that will include the additional risk that resulted from the damage. After educating you about the problem with your phone, they will ask for your authority to conduct the repairs required to recover your iPhone. You are free to decline, and they will not pressure you. Customer service provided by this iPhone repair centreis also top-notch. 


3. We Fix Macs


A friend recommended this iPhone repair center, and I am quite happy that I listened to his recommendation. I went to their shop, and the technician immediately accommodated me. The staffs are very welcoming and friendly. After a short diagnosis, they asked me to wait outside, and in a matter of 20 minutes, I already had my iPhone with a brand new screen. This is a preferred choice to the repair centres who asked me to send my phone to the courier service.



4. iPhone Surgery

 Fix Iphone Service Center UK

iPhone Surgery is committed to providing iPhone repairs for people near Oxford. They have a pretty small but dedicated group, and they will surely take care of your phone. They ensure that they will repair your broken phone fast and with no hassles. Their customer service is also excellent, and they will update you about the repair status from time to time.


5. Apple iPhone Repair


This iPhone repair centreprovides top-notch service. They are the choice of the people who do not want to bring their broken iPhone to the Apple Store. The repair service has an average cost of £50. There are times that the repair will take longer than expected, depending on the issue of your smartphone. They also specialize in other smartphone brands like HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, and others.


6. Get It Repaired

 UK iPhoneRepair Shop

Get It Repaired is an iPhone repair centrethat you can trust.   They offer a very efficient and outstanding repair service. They will provide timely communication, excellent workmanship, and a fast turnaround. They will also update you about the progress to have an idea about the repairs they are doing. If you look at their reviews online, they are also entertaining negative reviews and answering the concerns to the best of their ability, which shows that they value their customers.


7. iMend


iMend is a UK company that offers phone repair services that will be conducted at the comfort of your own home. It means that you will no longer have to visit their shop since they will come to your location and will fix your broken iPhone immediately. Most of the time, the technician will visit you on the day you book for their service. The price estimate is very precise, and iMend also offers a 12-month warranty on all repairs.


8. Fone Doctors

 UK iPhoneRepair Shop

Fone Doctors offer their clients a no-fix-no-fee collection policy. It means that if they cannot recover your broken iPhone, they will not charge you with anything. All repairs conducted by Fone Doctors are also covered with a 6-month warranty. They claimed that they could fix even the severely water-damaged iPhone.


9. Timpson


Timpson will mostly fix broken screens for only £39.99. They are a retailing company, but they also have technicians who specialize in repairing any type of broken screen. They can fix the broken screen of all Samsung and iPhone models. If you want to book their repair services, you may go to their official site and input your postcode to find a shop near you.


10. Geek Squad

 UK iPhoneRepair Shop

According to the Geek Squad, they can execute at least 30,000 phone repairs in a matter of 1 month. Their service is not only limited to the customers of Carphone Warehouse. If your iPhone has no visible damage but is not responding, you can visit their site and find the answer free on their self-help service.


11. Repairly


According to the study, at least 32,000 screens are being smashed daily in the UK alone. For those who live in London and the surrounding cities, Repairly offers to fix your broken iPhone, Samsung, and iPad in just a matter of 3 hours. You will only be charged for their service if you are satisfied with the result of their work.


 Fix Iphone Service Center UK

Like any other smartphone, iPhone is also susceptible to shattering and cracking. All smartphone owners know about the heartbreak of a broken phone, especially when the warranty no longer covers them. If you accidentally break your phone, there are lots of solutions to choose from. Various retailers promise to fix your broken iPhone with just a touch of the button. If you are looking for the best iPhone repair centre that will provide you with fast and reliable service, consider the repair shops listed above.

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