The Importance of Backlink in SEO


A quality backlink is the secret behind an effective SEO campaign. SEO is a collection of different processes; you need to master digital marketing, programming, sales, and creating content. Therefore, if you want more organic hits, you need to learn anything related to backlink in SEO. In this article, we will guide you on every essential thing you need to know, such as where to create backlinks, what affects it, and where to put backlinks.


The Fundamentals of Backlink in SEO

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According to the study, more than a million search results have been impacted by quality links. Google uses backlink as one of the determining factors used for their SERP. To understand the importance of backlink in SEO, we need to go back before the days of Google. During the years of Altavista and Yahoo, they have been ranking sites based on their content. With the introduction of Google, the SERP algorithm has been changed. As an alternative to the content, they are now looking at the number of people connecting to the site. After 20 years, it is still the most efficient way to determine the site's authority.


Page Rank

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We understand that Google has already retired this feature, but they are still using these signals to rank websites on the search result. Two things can happen when you build your backlink; either you will build with high-quality or low-quality links. The authority of the website linking to your site highly matters. It is because the link from the authority sites also has higher authority. Ensure that you will check the site's page rank first to understand the best backlink in SEO


Domain Authority


Aside from the page rank, the quality of the link may also be determined by the site-wide authority of the website. For instance, a major site will have a higher domain authority than a no-name blog. However, these types of links can be very difficult to get. Make sure that you will check the domain rating of the site first before you understand where to put backlinks. However, DA can easily be manipulated using simple tricks such as Google Redirects. The team behind Google has also denied that it can affect your site's ranking.


Site Relevancy

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When it comes to creating backlinks in SEO, the site's relevancy also matters. For instance, if you are running a site about 'Movie,' you received a link from a site that tackles 'Unicycle,' it may not offer your site some juice to help you rank? According to the statement of Google, linking on unrelated sites will not help you. In older times, the value of the site matters, but today, relevancy plays a huge role.


The Position of the Link


Where to put backlinks also matters. Your backlink can either be placed in an embedded link or be located at the footer. The links located at the sidebar and footer will not value much compared to the link in the middle of the content. The link should be placed in the body of the website.


Finally, Google is also using anchor text to determine the SERP of the site. For instance, the anchor text to link to your site is about 'yoga asanas.' This means that you will rank higher on that keyword. These are just some of the importance of backlinks in SEO.



White Hat Backlink Strategies

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I assume everyone has already told you that the only sustainable and long-term way to stay at the top of the search engine is to build high-quality white hat backlink strategies. It has already been proven that backlink directly influences your SERP, but a proper approach may produce better results. Those with a higher quality backlink will also place higher on the search result. However, there is a possibility that no one has informed you about how much link building has changed after the introduction of Google Penguin and various changes on SEO rules. Writing an article containing your hyperlink and placing it on a website that does not relate to your site's niche will result in a penalty.



Getting Contextual Backlink


With backlink in SEO, you need to know that infographics are the types of content getting higher attention (and engagement). Due to this reason, they are also the type of content that attracts backlinks. Infographics alongside blogs, news, and resources are among the popularly linked contents. It is also shared often on different social media platforms. Your backlink strategy should be combined with strategic guest blogging, which will help you receive an authority backlink. A lot of people failed in doing this. Remember that no quality blog will approve your guest post if it comes with a promotional backlink and keyword anchors that sound robotic.


Crafting Content Filled With Data

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After your contextual backlink has been approved, one of the best white hat backlink strategies that they can do is to create content that is heavy with essential data. You may use data posted on Pew Research and Statista that will make your guest post awesome and credible.


Giving Testimonial to Credible Site


Another perfect manual backlink strategy is to give testimonials to the services or company you highly trust. The company would like to verify that you are a human in most cases. They will mention your company or post a link to your website during this instance.


Broken Link Building

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This is one of the most straightforward white hat backlink strategies that will allow you to get a high-quality and authority link. The idea is quite simple. Thousands of high authority websites no longer exist. However, the thousands of links pointing to this site are still active. Most websites want to ensure that their site does not contain a broken link. To take advantage of this, create a resource similar to the dead link, reach out to the site, and inform them about your content. To find these backlink opportunities, you may use a broken-link finder tool.


These are just some of the practices employed by a reliable niche backlink service. It is the best way to manipulate the algorithm of search engine sites.



Profile Backlinks, Permanent One-Way Links

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Profile backlinks are one of the untapped link-building resources that most people are unaware of. You can create a backlink on a high-quality site with the profile linking. You have to add the URL of your site to a professional profile which you can create on different sites such as social media sites, forums, and others. You need to make sure that you build a profile on a site with high authority; otherwise, it can affect your site's ranking. If this process is somehow daunting to you, contact an SEO agency immediately and let them take care of the whole process.


Verified Profile Linking

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If you are looking for an SEO agency to help you, they must have the ability, resources, and the right tool to create a profile on thousands of forums and different social media sites. They will then be adding the link to your website on every profile they create. These profile backlinks will serve as a permanent backlink and will never be removed. When the new profile linking has been created, you will be able to see a new backlink to your site in just a matter of days. The number of your backlink will constantly grow in about one to two months. 


Is Profile Linking Effective?


With this strategy, you need to make sure that the number of the profile created daily is within the standard of the search engine site to avoid any penalty. The robots will interpret that the slow and steady increase in your backlink is organic. This process will ultimately increase not only your SERP but also your PR. Here are some things that you should expect when looking for a profile backlinking agency.

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·         They should have a quality database composed of forums that have high authority. They should be able to create more than 6,000 profile backlinks that will boost your page ranking. It should not be a week project. It is a long and laborious task that needs to be done manually.

·         Look for links that will be permanent.

·         They should provide you with ownership of every account created.

·         All services acquired can be completed in a predetermined amount of time.

·         It must come with a detailed report and analysis


If you are afraid that the search engine robot may penalize your site, make sure that it will take a couple of days to complete the entire 6,000 profile backlinks, Google spiders will then take months before they can crawl the entire link. It should also take a few days before you notice a gradual increase in your backlink, which will increase in a matter of one to two months.


Building Link: Effective Backlinking Strategy


Search engine platforms have been using links as part of their metrics since the latter part of the '90s. It is one of the factors that determine the authority of a website. They have been updating and modifying their algorithms when using link data. If you build a link using an outdated strategy, you can get penalized. The visibility and page authority of your website will suffer dramatically. Learning how to create quality backlinks can ensure an improved SERP ranking.


Building Link Using These Strategies

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Getting backlinks from high authority sites is essential. Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites will be rewarded. Also, the other site will only link to your website if your website is credible. As you are building links to authority sites, you will also receive more organic hits. Here are some ways how to create backlinks.


Using Social Media Sites


Social media sites are effective in advancing the company's marketing strategy. Some sites used for internet marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Furthermore, the link you post on the website will serve as a backlink (although most will be nofollow, they are good parasites). Creating a fan page for your website allows you to be more visible on this platform. It increases the chance of being shared, which will boost your engagement. Building a link without the laborious process in social media is the goal of every company. Nowadays, some tools let you automatically schedule your post.


Press Release

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Press Release is another example of building a link. In most cases, the companies employ this strategy to release a new product, blog, or website. However, it can also create a quality backlink. If you want to know how to create backlinks on the press release, tons of websites are designed for it. They are offering paid and free press releases. The press release should contain the link that directs back to your website.


Guest Posting


Another strategy for building a link that most website managers and owners use is guest posting. It is the act of creating blog posts or articles for other websites. The website owner will love this since he will receive a free article. Nonetheless, some websites take advantage of this juice through guest post selling. They will mostly show UR and DR, but these metrics can be manipulated, so look for the website's organic traffic. Also, don't pay too much. Some will charge you an insane $150, but there are better backlinks that you can acquire from this price.


Participating on Forums

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The easiest way to create backlinks is to submit posts on forums. This is like blog commenting. However, you need to ensure that the forum site is related to your website. It should have high authority. You may start a new thread or post a comment on an existing thread. Either way, this is a great way how to create backlinks.


There you have it; stay tuned since we will be sharing a list of websites where you can create profile backlinks, guest posting, and forum backlinks. We could also offer you a list of redirect backlinks, but we don't recommend that method. We can also share some tricks on how Google can index those links faster.

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