Tennis Coaching Tips for Kids


Essential tennis coaching tips can support the students in winning their matches. It serves as a critical tool that they can use in different circumstances. On the other hand, even professional players and athletes require help from their coaches. They can assist them in devising a game plan that will aid them in acing the competition.


Tip #1: Make it Enjoyable and Fun

Tennis singles Rules

One of the essential tennis coaching tips is maintaining a fun and enjoyable environment. It encourages the players to keep their engagement level high. Most people consider tennis a recreational sport; however, you need to persuade the young kids of today to learn the sport. It will help them gain various skills, such as speed, agility, alertness, and mental sharpness. For all we know, they can be the next tennis superstar. To develop and encourage their interest, it is necessary to keep the game fun.   Coaches should do the best they can to encourage the kids to return to the classes voluntarily.


Tip #2:  Modify Tennis Equipment

 Tennis singles Rules

Coaches should create a suitable playing environment and equipment for the kids. This is why they need to modify their tennis equipment to make it favorable for young kids. If they are starting with the lesson, you should try to adjust the dimension of the court, the height of the net, racket, and the ball, then gradually adjust until they can play with the real deal. Allowing them to taste success will motivate them to play tennis and work harder.


Tip #3:  The Markers

 tennis coaching tips for kids

Another vital tennis coaching tip is the effective use of markers. Markers can help the student visualize the target area inside the court. You can use cones to give your student a better insight into their target. It will also correctly teach them how to control their swings since they know what target they need to hit.



Tip #4:  Using the Proper Name


Not many coaches pay attention to the correct terms used in tennis. It is best to refer appropriately to the particular section of the court or the tennis equipment. When demonstrating to your younger students, try to use the appropriate sports terms. It will allow the young players to remember the proper name and the necessary parts of the court.


Tip #5:  Teach with Action


The technical terms used in playing tennis can be difficult to understand, especially for the young kids who are just beginning to learn the game. Rather than explaining it, you must show it to them. Demonstrate it to them first before explaining. Furthermore, their attention span is pretty limited; chances are, they will not even listen to your long explanation.


Once you are done teaching them the fundamental of the tennis game, one of the tennis coaching tips that you need to remember is to let them play. Modify the game since it will be impossible for them to play the actual game. Analyze their skills and adjust your coaching methods based on the result of their game. Mostly, they will be playing tennis singles, since they are just beginning. Here's a quick look at the rules.


Tennis Coaching Tips and Rules of Singles


Having a complete understanding of the guidelines and rules of tennis singles before even the registration process helps maintain the game's integrity. It is not enforced; however, your awareness of the rules is beneficial to the tennis player's success. Seasoned tennis players are experts in recognizing the weakness of their opponents. They will take advantage of your students when they realize that the player does not fully comprehend tennis's existing rules.

 tennis coaching tips for kids

The Basic Rules


Learning the rules of tennis singles is not that complicated, and it is essential for your coaching journey. Having a clear grasp of the rules is pretty straightforward. If you have practical knowledge about tennis, understanding the regulations should not be complex. Single tennis will involve two competitors positioned at the opposing end of the court.


Starting the Game of Tennis

 Tennis singles Rules

Before the proper game, both of the competitors need to determine who will serve the ball and the receiver. You also need to determine which part of the court will initiate the gameplay. There are two ways to identify the advantage of choosing; they can either toss a coin or spin the rocket. Tossing a coin will involve flipping the coin while the other party will choose heads or tails. Spinning the rocket will require the competitors to choose upside down or right-side up. The winner will have the privilege to select the side of the court and whether they should receive first or serve first. Knowing about these tennis coaching tips will make your life easier.


The Key Server


The server should begin in the middle of a single sideline and the center mark to start the gameplay. The server will be serving the initial point and the whole set; they only have two tries to serve. They will toss the ball and attempt to strike it crosswise above the net. If the server will step over or on the baseline when he is serving, he should receive a foot fault. According to the rules of tennis singles, this strips his chance to serve the ball.


The Key Receiver

 Tennis singles Rules

To receive the serve, the player can choose a position anywhere on their side of the court. The receiver needs to remember that they should allow the ball to bounce first after serving before returning the ball. If the receiver returns the ball before it bounces, the server will instantly take the point.


Tennis singles is a traditionally played competition in the game, so you need to understand the rules and regulations. These tennis coaching tips are exceptionally essential if you want to advance your student's level of playing tennis. If you think that verticle jump can help your students, here's how to increase vertical jump.

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