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Starting a blog, this 2022 may be a great idea. However, with the vast amount of information available online, finding the right place to start can be daunting, discouraging you from putting your plans into action. You need to remember that even the top bloggers started as beginners today. Most of them know nothing about blogging. Blogging is the most powerful and effective method of spreading news and information. It is also the ideal way to express yourself to your audience. Best of all; it is still one of the best ways to generate extra income.


Step-By-Step Guide in Starting a Blog this 2022

blogging in 2022

Starting a blog from scratch is not as difficult as you may think; maintaining it would be. Normally, it does not require technical ability. You don't have to be proficient in coding to create your website. I started a blog last 2018, but I realized that I needed to stop due to my schedule. Then the pandemic happened; it took me more than a year to adjust to my new work schedule. I started blogging for two months again, and I believe I could maintain the frequency of updates this time, so I decided to purchase a major domain website last November 23. Thus, Croonicle was born. I'm slowly coming out of the dreaded Google Sandbox.


Step 1: Choosing Your Blogging Platform

 blogging for money

Before starting a blog, you will need a platform to host your blog. You probably heard about BlogSpot, Tumblr, or WordPress, which are great blogging sites. WordPress is the largest platform globally, with more than 82 million users. It comes with several add-ons and plugins. There are also limitless ways to layout and design your blog. Tumblr and BlogSpot, on the other hand, are also free to use, which comes with an easy set-up procedure. It also has an impressive uptime, and it is also extremely fast. WordPress and BlogSpot also give you a chance to acquire premium subscriptions.


Step 2: Free Alternative or Self-Hosting


Perhaps the most crucial decision you will make when starting a blog. You will need to think if you are going premium or want a free blog. Choosing a free blog is ideal for those who are not that serious about their blogging. Unfortunately, it also has some disadvantages. You will not be able to acquire a top domain site that is not accepted by top advertising platforms. There are also limitations and restrictions when you are running a free blog. The length of videos that you can upload is limited. The site can also restrict the number of ways you can monetize your site.


Step 3: A Blog with Your Domain

 blogging for money

For those who choose self-hosting, you will need to create a domain name. Domains are the address of your blog. You will also need to select a hosting company to host your blog. The hosting platform that you will choose should come with a single-click install key that allows you to integrate your WordPress account conveniently.


Step 4: Designing Your Blog


You need to think about many things when designing a web page. However, you may use the premade themes when just starting with your blog. You need to use a layout that appears simple and customizable. You should also look for a feature that will allow you to alter the themes with a simple click of the button. Make sure that you will not lose anything when you switch the theme of your blog. Finally, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the right resources and tools that will help you measure your blog's growth. Blogging is an exciting way to share your insights while allowing you to generate extra profit.


Blogging to Make Money Online

 blogging for money

Setting up a blog is relatively simple; you sign-up for an account and post useful and informative articles. However, making money out of your blog will be daunting. You need to promote your blog and find your readers most of the time. Aside from that, you also need to increase their engagement level, which will prompt them to return to your blog. You need to respond to their comments and questions to keep your readers active. There are lots of options that bloggers can use to generate income. Here are some of the most popular methods.




Most bloggers prefer this method, especially beginners. It works similar to the placement of ads in newspapers and magazines. As you increase the organic hits of your website, there will be advertisers who will be interested in paying you to be exposed to your audience. You can also join ad networks. However, the ad networks will require a decent number of unique traffic before accepting you. The ad network will serve as the middleman that will allow you to run ads on your blog.


Affiliate Income

 blogging for money

Affiliate marketing is advertising a product or service of someone. The affiliate marketer will be given a referral code to post on their blog site. When their readers click the link and purchase the product, the network will commission from that completed sales. It is a great way to monetize since signing up will not be as tough as signing up on an ad network.


Running Events


Some seasoned bloggers will try to run an event like a conference to invite their readers. They can make money by charging the attendees a nominal sign-up fee or by searching for a sponsor for that said event. Summits and online events are also starting to become more popular.


Offering Product

 blogging in 2022

Some bloggers who start as affiliate marketers and publishers will ultimately learn how to offer their own products. Some of them will sell online courses or eBooks. There are different digital products that they can offer depending on their blog's niche. Some of them offer mobile apps, software, and reports. They can also provide their lead list to the other companies. Some bloggers choose to offer physical products. For instance, if they have been blogging about fashion, they can eventually offer their merchandise.

 blogging in 2022

Full-time bloggers who want a steady source of income should use this as multiple income streams. Diversifying your source of revenue is a smart move. You can start by being a publisher of an ad network. Eventually, as the authority and credibility of your site grow, you can think about other methods such as being a social influencer, offering paid reviews, and others. Remember that using your content to generate income will not be easy. It will take a huge amount of patience, dedication, passion, and hard work.


Benefits of Blogging for Your Business


Blogging is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use. It will help them interact with the right set of audience and make their lives a lot simpler. If your business is not into this type of content marketing, you are probably missing a great deal of opportunity. Regardless of whether you are operating as a multinational or a startup company, starting a blog is essential to advance your digital content marketing plan. Here are some of the top reasons why starting a blog is an integral part of the business's marketing strategy.


Increase Organic and Targeted Traffic

 blogging for money

Think of the different ways to encourage people to find your site. Some of them can type your URL on the address bar, but those are the people who are familiar with your company. You can increase your e-mail marketing by buying a lead list; however, most of them are not valid and low quality, resulting in inferior results. You may choose SEM, but they are expensive, which may not be ideal for a startup company. Every time you write a post, the search engine site will index them, giving you more options to be discovered to improve your brand positioning. With blogging, you also can be found on different social media platforms. Blog posts can be easily shared through various social media sites with a click of a button. Creating blog content allows you to share informative content with your audience. It will increase your online authority, which can improve your organic traffic.


Contribute With Your SEO Efforts

 blogging in 2022

A blog can increase your SERP ranking. By posting fresh content regularly, you will have the chance to beat your rivals in the search engine. With the use of targeted keywords within your text articles, you are helping the search engine robots find you. Content is still the king when it comes to SEO. 


Improve Your Company's Credibility


Blogging is also a great tool to engage with people who have concerns or questions about your company and the related topics about your industry. Your authority will be greatly improved by posting informative content that can help your customers. This can be used to clear the confusion on the part of the customers. By enhancing your site's credibility, people will most likely think that you are the leader in your industry, translating to a higher conversion rate.


Enhance the Business-Customer Relationship

 blogging for money

Blogging would be another way to improve the relationship between the customer and the business. Your customers will be able to know different things about your product or company by engaging with your content. By being a credible source of essential information, the customer's trust will be amplified. People will most likely purchase from a company that they can trust.


Finally, blogging also helps you gain vital information about your audience. Using analytic tools, you will have the power to track their online behavior and tailor your marketing efforts based on their behavior.

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