Self-Hypnosis for Healthy Eating Habit and Fitness


When people hear the news about the actress Olivia Munn who instantly became motivated on her fitness after receiving hypnosis, people become eager to know how they could do it. After reading many self-help books that do not help them, it seems that hypnotherapy would be the easiest way to get rid of those excuses. Though we all know that regular exercise is good for us, we all lack the motivation to complete our workout routine. With self-hypnosis, we will be able to take charge and regulate ourselves. 


How Hypnotherapy Can Convince Us to Go to the Gym


Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

With hypnosis, we will replace negative assumptions with positive behaviors through a constant suggestive reiteration. We will start to believe that any goals that we set can be achieved, which will make us motivated and engaged in pursuing those goals. We will now be confident in our innate skills with the help of self-hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy Can Boost Our Motivation


With hypnosis designed for a fitness program, you will be motivated to go to the gym, complete your routine, and discover the underlying reason behind your lack of enthusiasm. Your conscious mind will often use rationalized and logical excuses to skip our gym session. Through hypnotherapy, this area of the brain will be blocked out, allowing you to reach a state of trance. The reactive part of the brain will then be activated, which will convince you to do your best.


Hypnosis as a Form of Modern Medicine

 Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

For anyone looking to improve their lifestyle by reducing their weight or having the energy required to complete the entire day, hypnotherapy is designed for you. Some people might consider trying self-hypnosis for mere entertainment. Still, it should be noted that different healthcare professionals and organizations, including the American Medical Association and British Medical Association, have approved the use of hypnosis as a form of modern medicine.



Things That a Beginner Should Know


Here are the things you need to keep in mind for those planning to go through a self-hypnosis program.


·         Hypnotherapy should be a calm and relaxing experience. Never stress yourself if you feel like you are not being hypnotized. Continue visualizing the changes you want to achieve and enjoy every minute of it. 


·         Be sure to follow every instruction willingly and carefully. It will help you achieve a desirable result.


·         The perfect time to start your hypnotherapy would be during the early morning. This way, you will not fall asleep, and you will be relaxed and feel rejuvenated the entire day.


·         Avoid focusing on the things that stress you and concentrate on the goals you want to achieve. Avoid using words like hope, try, and wish when doing the suggestive reiteration. Be concise; use ‘can’ or ‘do’ frequently. It will help you to become more determined about your actions.

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

Self-hypnosis is effective; a single session can change your perspective and improve your quality of life. However, Remember that hypnotherapy should not be considered a magic spell that will work instantly. You will need to be committed and consistent with your action to find the experience satisfying.


Self-Hypnosis for Weight Gain


Though a considerable percentage of population is suffering from obesity, there is a possibility that you have the opposite condition. Some people are scared of increasing their weight, so they refuse to eat. The difficulty of gaining weight can be stressful and frustrating, like struggling to lose weight. Individuals who are too thin are sometimes looking for desperate measures to gain some weight.   Fortunately, it is not entirely a hopeless case.   The reason behind your problem may be found in your subconscious mind, which is preventing you from putting on weight. Therefore, you will need to access your subconscious mind to address your condition, which can be done with hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis for Gaining Weight

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

Hypnosis is a process wherein your subconscious mind will be opened. We have already seen how hypnosis can help lose weight, but it is also a powerful tool in gaining weight. With the help of hypnotherapy, you will be able to reach an apt weight. By instilling the positive suggestion into your subconscious mind, you will notice that your food choices are much healthier than before. 


How Does Hypnotheraphy Help You Reach Desirable Weight?


The conscious mind creates decisions based on the information stored in our subconscious mind. For instance, when you were just a kid and innocent, an adult may have told you that gaining weight is bad; that information will be stored in your unconscious mind. You may not be aware of it, but every time you eat, your subconscious mind will tell you that you will gain weight. Since you want to avoid gaining weight, your conscious mind will stay away from healthy and nutritious food. This is where self-hypnosis can help you.

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

The previous experiences kept in the subconscious part of your brain may not necessarily be wrong. Perhaps there were times that it was right, but it doesn’t mean that it is constant. Situations can change, and the right things before may not be right today. You should not let this tiny piece of information prevent you from achieving your goals, such as gaining weight. This past negative information can be removed through a suggestive reiteration done through hypnotherapy. A new and positive belief will be instilled in your brain. In most cases, you are probably not aware that you are hindering yourself from achieving your goal because of your negative beliefs.


How Does it Work?


Once you reach a hypnotic state during the self-hypnosis, you will enter a relaxed state. You are awake, but your conscious mind is not activated. It is the perfect opportunity to eliminate the reasons for your fear or negative beliefs and infuse positive ideas. By telling yourself that you can gain weight repeatedly, you will be able to convince yourself and make a positive change in your life. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in enhancing your quality of life. However, going to a certified hypnotherapist for a single session can be expensive. Fortunately, you may download hypnotic audio that works the same way.


Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Poor Eating Habit

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

People filling their stash with junk foods and going on a non-stop snacking on chips, nuts, and dried foods will realize that their eating habit is taking a toll on their health and life quality. They will start to notice that they are either bloated or starved, and their energy and concentration are lagging. Though they know how to correct their poor eating habits, like increasing fiber and protein intake, the temptation to munch on potato chips is overpowering. They do not have the will to cut their daily intake of calories. Fortunately, experts believe that self-hypnosis can rewire your brain and give you the will to start a healthy eating habit.


Self-Hypnosis for Healthy Eating


People using hypnosis to improve their lifestyle or diet are often ingrained with negative belief patterns. They have this irresistible craving for junk food, which can condition their minds that they are not in control. These types of destructive behavior can keep them stuck in a negative pattern. When you download a self-hypnosis program, the underlying reasons for this behavioral pattern will be targeted and replaced with positive beliefs. 


How Effective is Hypnotherapy?

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

Although it is considered an alternative and supportive treatment method, some studies show that hypnotherapy works. For instance, in a 2014 random trial, around 60 overweight women who went into two types of hypnosis showed a significant decline in their weight. Another study conducted in the same year involving approximately 164 individuals suggests that hypnosis treatment help them quit smoking, which has a higher success rate than any form of nicotine replacement.


Find Joy and Satisfaction through Healthy Eating

 Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

In addition, you will not only be able to eliminate your unhealthy habit and instill positive behavior, but you will also find joy in eating healthy when you go through a self-hypnosis program. You will be able to feel satiated when asking only for half meal. You will start to notice that you are more energized after completing a half meal, and you will be able to refine your taste buds. Most programs are carefully developed and studied by an experienced and authorized hypnotherapist who utilizes a more advanced hypnotherapy methodology. It will help you commit to eating healthy foods that will optimize your wellbeing. 


Hypnotic Audio for Healthy Eating Habit


It is important to note that hypnotherapy is not designed to stop you from craving burgers, but it will help you choose the healthier food type as you progress further in the self-hypnosis program. Your love for healthy food will start to grow by frequently listening to the audio. You will begin to crave more nutritious and more beneficial foods. When doing hypnosis, be sure not to think about it too much. It is an enjoyable experience, and you should not feel stressed about it; otherwise, you will not be able to see the result you want. Changing your eating habit will happen gradually through constant listening to hypnotic audio.


Self-Hypnosis that Will Convince You to Visit the Gym

 Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

Are you looking for ways to improve your fitness or something to encourage you to complete your gym session? Perhaps, you are currently looking for ways to turn around your unhealthy situation and be fit; unfortunately, it is too difficult for you to find motivation, especially when it is about personal fitness and exercise. You probably told someone that you want to go to a nearby gym, but you need to finish just so many things. The truth is, you are not alone in this situation. Lots of people are struggling to stick with their exercise routine. Hypnotherapy will improve your focus and help you in attaining your goal.


Personal Fitness Hypnotherapy

 Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

Suppose you recently signed up for an expensive membership at your local gym, and you found yourself having too many excuses that prevent you from going to the gym. Perhaps your pet dog uses your yoga mat more frequently compared to you. In that case, it is time for you to try self-hypnosis. Having the right motivation is a necessary part of your fitness plan. To accomplish this, you can instruct your subconscious mind to improve your level of enthusiasm for fitness. Through a hypnotic session, you will instill a positive ‘can-do’ attitude to keep you more engaged with your exercise and gym sessions.


Self-Hypnosis Boost Your Enthusiasm


Hypnotherapy can give you that extra boost that you need to be fit. It is a fact that most of us want to be healthier; we have to tell our subconscious mind to deal with it. Looking for reasons and excuses not to complete your exercise is relatively easy. There are virtually endless excuses that you can create to skip your routine. Excuses will not necessarily be eliminated through self-hypnosis, but your enthusiasm towards personal fitness will increase.


Self-Hypnosis for Personal Fitness

 Hypnotherapy for health and fitness

Self-hypnosis designed for personal fitness can help various people, from average to professional athletes. Aside from the positive behaviors that hypnotherapy will inject into you through suggestive recurrence, it can also help you realize that any goals that you set can be achieved. This will help you stick with your exercise routine knowing that your goal can be attained through persistence and dedication. Some of the benefits that hypnosis can provide to you in terms of personal fitness include the proper visualization of your success, control over your emotions, overcoming any mental block, enhancing your concentration, building confidence and self-esteem, motivating you on your training, enhancing your performance, and eliminating your anxieties.

 Self-hypnosis for fitness and health

Hypnotherapy is not just limited to personal fitness and related issues which may affect your performance and the result. Other psychological conditions and emotional problems that can lead to insomnia, phobia, and stress will also be corrected. If you are truly determined and dedicated to improving your fitness, look for a trustworthy self-hypnosis program to help you get rid of negativity and reinforce your positive beliefs and behaviors.

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