Rules that Will Help You in Seducing Men


The art of seducing men is a practice that any woman can master. In this article, we will highlight the rules and techniques that you ought to know to perfect the art of seduction while maintaining your elegance and class. Seeing a man feeling awkward and flustered due to the tension you create makes things too obvious. There are sneaky and subtle methods that will not reveal that you are taking advantage of their weakness.


10 Rules When Seducing Men


Seducing Men

If you want to learn the art of seducing men, especially if he is not romantically inclined to you, we advise you to follow the rules mentioned below. Most of these techniques are subtle and honest, and it will convince him that you have the qualities that he truly desires. It will also give them a good first impression about you.


1. Be Yourself


You should never hide behind the persona of another woman. You will never understand if the person will care authentically to you if you are putting up an act. In addition, affinity is an essential factor when seducing men. If you want to get intimate with another person, you need to remain emotionally available, honest, and open. You may think that acting this way will make you feel more vulnerable, but that should be a risk that you are willing to take. Do not treat this as a game since he will eventually lose interest in you and turn his attention to someone else.


2. Be Involved


You need to be involved in the activity that he's interested in. Join a local community group where he also participates. It will expose you to the same area, increasing the chance that he might notice you. It will also send him the signal that you have a mutual interest. Having the same interest in a certain hobby is another important part of seducing men.



3. Remain Sincere


You need to be sincere with your feelings when seducing men. No one wants to feel being manipulated. It will send a message to the other party that you think lowly of them. Be sincere when showing signs of interest but make sure not to overdo it. Never believe that a man can be easily fooled; they are more aware than you might realize. They will notice it when you show insincerity on your actions and think that you are not trustworthy.


4. Smile


Let's say he asked you to go out on a date. After hearing his name, shaking his hand, and greeting him, show him how lovely your smile is. It will give him a subtle hint that you might be interested in him. It does not necessarily mean that you have to smile throughout the meetings since it will make you look stupid. Your smile should be enough to be a source of inspiration. Ensure that your nerves will not get the better of you when seducing men.


5. Highlight Your Attractive Traits

 Seducing Men

Make sure that you pay attention to your looks when you are seducing men. If you have poor hygiene, your odds of scoring a second date would be impossible, even if you look attractive. If you are not proud of your attractive appearance, you are probably suffering from low self-esteem and insecurity. Your scent is also one of your powerful tools to seduce men. It has the power to influence the judgment of others towards you subconsciously. According to the survey, at least 89% of men believe that women's attractiveness increases based on the perfume they use. In addition, 55% of them will be intimate if the woman wears a scent that smells appealing to them. The power of scent works similarly with the pheromones that animals release. By wearing perfume, woman can increase their pheromones.


6. Be Confident

 Seducing Men

You need to have the confidence of a top model who knows what she truly wants and believes that you can get it. However, we need to remind you that a thin line separates arrogance and confidence. You don't want your partner to see you as an arrogant person. You can show you are confident by reinventing yourself. Visit your favorite salon and ask for a complete makeover. Enroll in a gym class and find new clothes. You should also pay attention to your posture when seducing men. Remember that most men are engrossed in confident women.


7. Ask the Right Question


Men love a great conversation. Ask them to tell you a story about themselves before telling them yours. Most men love to talk about themselves. Be a good listener and hear what he would like to convey when seducing men. He will find you interesting if you continue to ask the right questions. When you think that it is your turn to talk, think about what you want to share. Sharing sensitive information about yourself will make you feel betrayed or hurt once you realize that he is a dishonest person.


8. Men Love Mystery


One secret when seducing men is to remain mysterious. You should not immediately throw yourself at your date or tell him obviously that you are interested in him. Men are born hunters; they feel excited when they are trying hard to get their date's attention. Once you tell the man that you like him, there is a possibility that they will lose interest in you. Make sure that it will still appear like he is the one making efforts to pursue you. To guarantee that this will work, you might want to ignore him from time to time. Avoid giving him too much attention once you notice that your conversation is going smoothly. Play hard-to-get when seducing men, and you will see that he will persuade you harder.



9. Be Independent


Men do not want a woman that is clingy and needy. They do not want to feel like they are being pressured and controlled. You will probably remind him about his mother if you are too controlling. No man will enjoy having an intimate relationship with someone who reminds them of their mother. Your neediness will also translate to passive aggression. It is important to step backward and find your focus when seducing men. You should never spend your entire day waiting for his call. Find interests and hobbies that will keep you busy. You will be able to share more with him if there are things that you do independently. It will keep the relationship exciting and interesting.


10. Remain Patient


Be patient and relax; if things are bound to happen, they will happen. Managing your stress is another important part of seducing men. Having this disposition will also help your date feel relaxed and comfortable. If you have problems with this, simple exercises can help you find your center. Listening to music, taking short walks, and meditating will calm your nerves and help you think better. Being patient will help you cope with complicated situations.


How Setting Rules Can Help You in Seducing Men


Once you decide to do nothing about the idea of seduction but still choose to establish ground rules when seducing men, you will realize that you are achieving a whole new level of femininity and sophistication. At that point, you can be truly proud of it and feel good about yourself. This will also make you naturally attractive to men.


How Important are the Rules


There are ways to be attractive without putting so much effort into seducing men. Since you are a woman, you are probably aware of the qualities that can trigger the man's interest. Following the rules that we mentioned above will help you know what you need to say and do. It will also eliminate the need to question your capability to attract the opposite sex. The aforementioned rules are not necessarily based on ego but are focused on femininity and maturity.


Setting up the guidelines and rules on seducing men will create a simpler and more direct method when attracting men. You need to be honest; ask yourself if you are doing this for some selfish reason or want him to like you better. Many girls will probably tell you that they are doing it to make their men happy, but in the end, they want to be manipulative.

 Seducing Men

There is no guarantee that a romantic relationship will be created if you follow the rules in seducing men, but they play a crucial part in attracting men. In addition, it also contributes to your values, success, and will help you achieve a more productive life. As we mentioned before, even if you choose to do nothing to stimulate men's interest, the ethical rules we discussed above will make you look more attractive.

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