Questions to Ask a Wellness Counselor


When we talk about wellness, we are not just talking about our physical health but also our mental state. Investing in your physical and mental health is as important as your financial investment. Setting goals on our wellness factor can improve our mood and outlook towards life. However, we can't achieve this on our own. It is easy for us to lose track of our goals most of the time. We will quickly lose our motivation, and it pays to have someone who will inspire us. We need the help of a wellness counselor as most of the time, we tend to be lazy, and we set aside our daily routine.


What is a Wellness Counselor?


Questions to Ask a Wellness Counselor

Wellness Counselors can improve our commitment towards a better life. Coaches will not easily give you the answer to your questions and issues. They will join you on your journey to finding the answers to your concerns. To find an effective counselor, they have to possess that exceptional quality to detect your strength and weakness. They also need to have high energy, and they should be able to listen to your stories attentively. Here are some of the questions that you can ask your wellness counselor to determine if he is a perfect match for you or not.


Ask about the Process


Tell them that there is a trait about you that you want to change, and ask them about the process they will implement to get the result you want. This trait can be a bad habit like cigarette smoking, bad diet, losing weight, and reducing stress.   The wellness coach should create a program to establish a solution and lead to your goal. They should be able to formulate a thorough definition of their program and understand the process you have to go through.


How Can They Help?

 Questions to Ask a Wellness Counselor

It will not be enough to ask them about the process; ask how they can help you deal with your issues. If you have a previous attempt to remove that bad habit, you should tell your coach about it and what made it unsuccessful. They should determine the cause behind this failure and offer you a better alternative. Ask them how they can keep you motivated to keep up with the program. The wellness counselor must understand that you have unique problems that require a unique solution. What works for others may not necessarily be effective to you.


Ask them about their coaching session


To search for an effective wellness counselor, you should have an idea about the format of their wellness program. Ask them about the kind of support that they can provide towards you and what are the things that they expect from you. Pay attention to how they answer your questions; you will be able to discern if they are committed and motivated to help you through the tone and words they use.



 Questions to Ask a Wellness Counselor

What licenses do they have when it comes to wellness counseling? Do they have training certificates and credentials that prove that they have enough experience and learning for wellness coaching? If possible, they should have a solid professional background written on their website. Look for their mentions and reviews on social media channels. Don't just easily believe the things they say.


Ask about their previous experience


Asking about their previous experience gives you an idea about the fields they specialized in. Different wellness coaches specialize in various situations such as stress management, issues at work, family, relationships, smoking, weight, and a whole lot more.

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