Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs with Arthritis


As our furry companions grow old, the health of their bones and joints will degenerate, which will lead to different issues, such as inflammation and arthritis pain. It is a disorder that is common and a bit daunting to manage. Given the specific circumstances, even the younger canines can have arthritic changes. Pet owners have resulted in different measures to improve the quality of their pet's life. Some opt for traditional medicine, and others prefer natural joint supplements for dogs. They are practical, safe, and can be used with Western Medicine.


What is Dog Arthritis?


natural joint supplements for dogs with arthritis

Arthritis is a medical term that refers to abnormal changes in our joints. It can start from damage in our tissue caused by a previous infection. It can also be caused by congenital disabilities that affect the joint structure or from trauma or stress on our joint. In some instances, our immune system abnormalities can result in degeneration and inflammation of the joint tissue. Before you determine the proper joint supplements for dogs, be sure to find out the underlying cause of arthritis first.


For those who have pets suffering from hip dysplasia, the arthritis is basically due to the misalignment and the improper conformation of the stress points on our dog's coxofemoral joint. The wear and tear rate of our dog's cartilage is a lot faster compared to their ability to regenerate. During this instance, the bony surface will be exposed and can be inflamed. The capsule that envelops the joint will be sensitive, less elastic, and thicker. The blood vessels will dilate, leading to the inflammation and swelling of the joint. Due to this, the motion of our dogs will be restricted. Fortunately, with the help of joint supplements for dogs, we can ease their pain and discomfort.


How Can Dogs Develop Arthritis?

 natural joint supplements for dogs with arthritis

Not too long ago, we initially thought that the culprit of arthritis was natural wear and tear; however, according to the research conducted at Stanford University, arthritis can be developed due to low-grade and chronic inflammation. To help you understand, our dog's immune system produces a protein that damages the joint. The protein will bind in the joint that has cartilage, prompting them to make a higher amount of protein. It will lead to chronic inflammation in the joints that can be addressed with joint supplements for dogs.


This inflammation is not only associated with arthritis but with an array of health issues. According to Mayo Clinic, Inflammation plays a crucial role in causing a lot of chronic diseases. Perhaps some of you think that anti-inflammatory drugs can solve the issue, but according to the latest study, NSAIDs can damage our dog's soft tissue and joints. Perhaps the best solution for this problem would be joint supplements for dogs.


What are the Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

 old dog

Arthritis affects the joints of our dogs that can cause terrible pain. This pain is associated with different symptoms that are associated with arthritis. Here are some of them.


·         Limping-You will notice that your dog is utilizing one of his legs more or limping contingent upon which of the legs are affected by the condition. Generally, this limping can be more evident when your dog rises. As your dog warms up by doing his daily activity, the limping will be less noticeable.


·         Difficulty in Moving- You will notice that your dog is now reluctant to do the activities he used to love. He may show some hesitations in climbing up and down the stair.


·         Spinal Problems- The arthritis of our dogs will not only affect their legs, but it can also occur in their spine. If they have a problem with their spine, they may experience pain in their neck. They can also show a poor or abnormal posture.


·         Fatigue-Our furry friends that are suffering from arthritis may show signs of fatigue. The willingness of our dogs to walk will become shorter. They also spend the rest of their day resting or sleeping. Joint supplements for dogs may provide the best solution to improve their quality of life.


·         Irritability- If the way you handle the dog aggravates the pain they are experiencing, they may become irritable.


·         Muscular Atrophy- Due to the reduced use of muscle and inactivity, our pet with arthritis will decrease their muscle mass.



Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs


The joint supplements for dogs typically constitute glucosamine that can be extracted from the antlers of the deer, shellfish, or it can be prepared chemically in a laboratory. The body naturally produces this amino sugar essential in making glycoprotein and glycosaminoglycans. These components are the fundamental elements of a healthy joint, cartilage, ligament, and tendons. It also ensures that the joint has a proper supply of synovial fluid, which is a compound that keeps its joints lubricated.


Additionally, you should also find joint supplements for dogs that contain chondroitin. It is another natural substance that is extracted from the cartilage of animals. It can also be found in beef cartilage, sea cucumber, and shark fins. It can rebuild and protect our dog's cartilage by reducing the friction of bones that gives them an elevated amount of comfort. Furthermore, the combination of chondroitin and glucosamine can slow down the progress of the joint's damage.


Natural Treatment for Dog's Arthritis


Cute dogs

Due to the recent study that proves the damaging effect of NSAIDs, it is wiser to find natural treatment apart from the natural joint supplements for dogs. Various traditional therapies can relieve the pain caused by arthritis. Perhaps the easiest way to manage the pain they feel would be to maintain a desirable weight. If the dog is obese, you need to control their diet and provide them with activities that will help them lose weight.


Consult the Vet

 old dog

You should also add foods that have an anti-inflammatory effect on your dog's diet. Consult your veterinarians to ensure that the foods you are giving to them are entirely safe. Remember that our dog's digestive system is not designed to digest some foods that can cause blockage on their intestines. Celery, papaya, and alfalfa are some foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties that you may provide apart from the joint supplements for dogs.


Veterinary hospitals are also providing physical therapy that can help rehabilitate our dogs. They specialized in dogs with injuries and mobility issues. Different natural treatments are introduced in this program, such as acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Some of them also deliver training allowing you to provide therapy for your dogs at home. A combination of natural treatment and joint supplements for dogs will produce a fantastic result.


There are different joint supplements for dogs offered in the pet market today. You will need to choose the supplement with a high efficacy rate. Stay away from supplements that are processed using heat since it will destroy the nutrient content of the supplement. You also need to check the ingredients, be sure that it is high-quality and offers a powerful solution against the arthritis of your dogs.

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