How to Use Your Subconscious Mind


If you are an entrepreneur, you are probably thinking of ways to make your business successful. Perhaps you want to achieve a specific goal or be financially independent. Facing the challenges that we encounter can be draining and exhausting. Our thoughts will be clouded with negative thoughts that may affect our productivity. It will lead to poor decisions that will influence the viability of our business.


Guide on How to Use Your Subconscious Mind



Our thoughts define us. Regardless of how much we want success, it will remain elusive if we constantly think about our vulnerability, losses, embarrassment, and shame. Our subconscious mind will not only affect our health, but you will notice that it will also help you find a solution to your problems.


Subconscious Mind Has the Power to Solve Problems


You don’t have to seek the help of others to find a solution to your problem. Your subconscious mind can provide the solution that you are looking for. There may be instances when the answers you are looking for will not immediately come. However, your subconscious mind will constantly work on the problem and ensure that it will find a viable solution.


Your Life Is Affected By Your Subconscious Mind


The thoughts that you place on your mind can determine your current state. If you choose to assimilate it with negative thoughts such as bad behaviors and attitudes, you will notice that the quality of your life will become poor. If you decide to introduce positive changes, you will realize that your life will immensely improve.


Never Force an Idea to Your Subconscious Mind


Perhaps you already know that introducing positive thoughts and behavior patterns to your mind can help us achieve our goal. However, it should not be done forcefully. The willpower of humans is considered limited, and it will constantly decrease as we use it. You will notice how tiring it feels if you forcefully visualize and think of these images. An idea should be treated like a seed that you need to plant and nurture. You should never disturb the soil to see the changes that are happening on the seeds.


Your Prayers are Answered Based on Your Level of Mental Acceptance


Your religious affiliations may not necessarily contribute to the efficacy of your prayers. The effectiveness is determined by our willingness to accept these prayers. The things that our mind can accept consciously should also be stored subconsciously. Our subconscious mind is also relying upon our conscious mind. It means that we can train our subconscious mind to accept the beliefs of our conscious mind.


When we have a particular goal, we need to believe that you can achieve it firmly. Our subconscious mind has the power to guide us to the right path. Always visualize positive results and solutions to your problems. Simply feel your enthusiasm and remain calm, knowing that good thing will happen. Our positive thinking will be accepted by our subconscious mind and implemented in our lives.



Attracting Success Using Visualization


Regardless of the field and industry, successful people are aware of how important it is to imagine their success and believe it before they will be able to achieve it. A visualization is a powerful tool that can bring dramatic change to your life when utilized properly. It can be applied to various areas of our lives. Practicing this will help us be closer to what we want to attain in our lives. However, positive thinking will not be sufficient.


Positive Thinking Will Not Be Enough on Visualization


You are probably aware that having a positive focus will help you enjoy your life more. It will lead you to the life that you always imagined. However, positive thinking will not be enough when using visualization. You need to transform these positive images into actions. We can always meditate and imagine what we want in life, but nothing will change if we choose not to be involved. Visualization is not necessarily sitting and wishing that things may happen.


Ask those who managed to overcome a tragic incident in their life. You will understand those who choose to languish on the unfortunate event and those who choose to maintain a positive focus and conduct positive actions. To start with your visualization after a tragic event, it is important to accept the changes in your life. After that, you need to believe that time will come that you will be able to recover your lost abilities. You should never let go of this powerful vision.


The Study That Proves the Power of Visualization


According to the study conducted at Lerner Research Institute, Mental Practice can be as effective as physical practice. Choosing to do both techniques can lead to a revolutionary change. Based on the study, the patterns in the mind of a weight lifter have considerably changed when a weightlifter is lifting heavy equipment. The same change in the brain pattern was also detected if the weightlifter imagines the weight they will lift.



In a separate study at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, participants were separated into groups imagining the exercises and those doing the exercise. Those who chose the physical activity showed a 30% increase in muscle weight. However, those just imagining their exercises also have a 13.5% increase in their muscle. People who chose to exercise mentally could maintain their gain for the next three months.


Visualization is a practice that has been conducted since the 1970s. Today, many personalities use visualization techniques like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Even Muhammad Ali claimed that he’s been doing mental practice to improve his performance in the boxing ring. When you imagine a goal that you are hoping to achieve, it is relatively common to think about the obstacles; however, it should not be too big to prevent you from pushing forward.

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