A Complete Guide on Genuine Lizard Leather iPhone Case


Designers have been using exotic leather when creating a classy and eye-catching fashion statement. The popularity of lizard skin in accessories and apparel has become a staple in this industry. Some designers have also integrated fashion with technology. The iPhone case made from lizard skin adds elegance and class to the user. Here are other reasons you need to choose an iPhone case made from lizard skin.


Reasons to Choose Lizard Skin iPhone Case


The mass-produced iPhone cases are more affordable, but they will never be as classy and quality as the ones made from lizard skin. Due to excessive use, the phone cases made from low-quality materials will deteriorate after only a month.


Genuine Lizard Skin iPhone Case Elevates Your Elegance

 Crocodile iphone Case

Our grandmother advised us that we needed to purchase only the best if we were buying something. The beautiful and unique pattern of the lizard skin is the best option for creating elegant smartphone cases. It has a softer and smoother texture compared to the calfskin. This will allow your case to be shaped harmoniously and comfortably to complement your overall look. The amazing softness of the lizard skin can also guarantee you that a high-quality material protects your precious iPhone.


The Intense Color


The lizard skin's iPhone case's intensity is another reason to choose them. Lizard skin can absorb color deeper compared to your calfskin and other materials. When you compare the color of the lizard skin iPhone case to a smartphone case made from calfskin, you will instantly notice the difference. No matter how beautiful it looks, the calfskin tone is inferior and less vivid than the iPhone case made from lizard skin. When the designer applies color to the exotic leather, it will gain superior brightness, nuances, and intensity. The unique pattern of the skin will also be highlighted, which will give it a new dimension.



 Crocodile iphone Case

Perhaps the weight would be the lizard skin's biggest difference from other materials. Your iPhone is already heavy, and you do not want your case to increase the weight, making it uncomfortable to use. The benefits of the lizard skin would be far beyond the class and the elegance. It would also be a practical option for gadgets that we use every day.



 Crocodile iphone Case

Finally, the lizard skin iPhone case is designed to last for a very long time. When properly maintained, you will enjoy the beauty, softness, and durability of the material. We won't lie to you, it is an expensive purchase, but you will get your money's worth. The finished product is made from hours of skillful and creative artistry.

With simple care, you can guarantee that your genuine lizard leather iPhone case will be your source of pride and serve you for years. The skin of the reptiles has an armor-like skin that serves as their first line of defense against predators. It is also highly resistant against moisture, keeping them safe from its aquatic surroundings. Compared to the hide of mammals, the lizard skin has its advantages in terms of finishes, colors, and textures. You may need to take care of this properly to preserve those fantastic features.


Guide on Taking Care of your Genuine Lizard Leather iPhone Case


An iPhone case made from cowhide may last for two years, while items made from exotic leather skin can last up to 10 years when properly maintained. Here’s how you should take care of this premium item.

 Genuine Lizard Leather iPhone Case

Occasional Cleaning


Once you notice that your crocodile iPhone case has become dirty, you need to provide it with comprehensive cleaning and maintenance. You need to be careful in choosing the leather cleaner you will apply to your case. Check that it is wax-free and non-alcoholic. Test it on the smaller portion of your iPhone case before using it thoroughly. Wait for at least fifteen minutes; if it shows no ill effects, such as discoloration or rub-off, then you may proceed in using this.


Using Leather Conditioner

 Genuine Lizard Leather iPhone Case

The leather conditioner should be applied in the direction of the scale. Brush it gently and allow the cloth to absorb the residual moisture. Allow it to dry in a cool place and never expose it directly to the sunlight. It can affect the quality of the leather and will make it shrink fast. You need to remember that reptiles are cold-blooded creatures; this is why you need to store them in a cool and dry place. Once you use the leather cleaner, understand that it will also remove the lubricants. It will cause the pores on the skin to open up, and if you don’t provide them with lubricant, they will dry out. Whenever you notice signs of drying, apply a leather conditioner to keep it in good condition.




When conditioning your iPhone case made from exotic lizard skin, ensure that the leather conditioner is designed explicitly for the reptile leather. The conditioner should have a lighter consistency, and the viscosity should also be different from the standard leather conditioner. Silicon-free and wax-free conditioner is the ideal choice since silicon will dry and shrink the leather, and wax will affect the shimmering property of leather.


Storing Them

 Genuine Lizard Leather iPhone Case

If you prefer to use your lizard iPhone case during special occasions, you need to store them properly to keep them in good condition. It should be stored indoors in a clean and dry container away from direct heat and sunlight. Wrapping it in paper or newspaper before storing it will help you maintain its strength and condition.


By following the tips we mentioned above, you will be able to keep your iPhone case in its optimum condition and quality. Lizard leather iPhone case comes with a premium price tag, so you will have to take care of them correctly.


Why Crocodile and Alligator Skin is the Best Material for the Luxury iPhone Case


You are most likely aware of the different exotic leather materials used by the designers when creating their luxury items. However, you probably don't know why most designers choose these materials. Most designers prefer to use the alligator or crocodile skin when creating iPhone cases. This article will discuss the different reasons why these two exotic pieces of leather became the undisputed leader when it comes to luxury iPhone cases.


Reasons Why Alligator and Crocodile Skin is the Ideal Material for Luxury iPhone Case

 Crocodile iphone Case

Regarding creating luxurious items, not a lot of exotic leather can match the exotic appearance of the alligator and crocodile skin. It has a unique texture that will make the material easily recognizable.




Perhaps one thing that makes these exotic leather skins stand out compared to other materials used in creating iPhone cases would be their amazing flexibility and softness. Due to the reduced calcium on the skin of the alligator and crocodile, the hide becomes soft and extra supple that resembles the elasticity of butter. This feature allows you to bend the iPhone case without creating a crease. It is a desirable feature when creating iPhone cases. The softness of the material contributes to the overall appearance of the finished product. It will not only create comfortable-to-use cases, but it will also look visually pleasing.




The size of the alligator and crocodile skin allows the designer to be more flexible when creating the luxury iPhone case. It means that their creativity will not be limited due to the restricted size. They will not encounter the same issue they will normally experience when using other exotic leathers. It will also ensure the owner of the case that the case will have a more uniform pattern.




The elegant and classy appearance of the alligator and crocodile skin is another reason this is the best material for a luxury iPhone case. One look at the scales of the alligator and crocodile will allow you to distinguish it from the rest of the exotic leathers. The distinct appearance of its hides makes it ideal to use in high-end accessories.




Due to their exceptional flexibility and softness, the material is also durable, which guarantees the owner that they will enjoy their iPhone case for long years. When properly maintained, this material can last a lifetime. You should also not worry about the crease and bend since it can revert to its original state when you accidentally fold it.


Finally, the crocodile and alligator skin serves as a badge of exclusivity that separates you from the rest of the iPhone users. While there may be other exotic leather materials that will match the size and look of the crocodile and alligator skin, there are not a lot of materials that can surpass these materials in all aspects we mentioned above. These are just some of the reasons why this is considered the best material in creating an iPhone case.



Things to Consider When Buying Crocodile or Alligator iPhone Case


There are not a lot of materials that are more personal to you than your phone. You will be carrying this everywhere you go, and you want it to reflect your personality. By considering what type of iPhone case you are going to use, you will be able to customize the overall look of your smartphone that will make it stylish, functional, and practical. iPhone cases made from alligator or crocodile skin will provide you with all these benefits. When you are buying something with value, it is always recommended to research to find the ideal case based on your personality, needs, and preference.


Understanding the Difference between Alligator and Crocodile Skin

 Alligator iphone Case

Crocodile and alligator leathers have similarities in many ways, such as their exclusivity and their classic look. However, contingent upon the body section and the tanning process, the quality of the case can also vary. The alligator skin has that symmetrical pattern and softer and thicker skin. The crocodile, on the other hand, can vary in size and shape.


Pattern, Size, and Shape


The quality of the exotic skin will differ depending on the animal and the section of the body. The premium leather should be taken from the belly section and the throat areas. The belly offers a more symmetrical pattern compared to the other body parts. You may also think that the side section has an excellent quality. The scale in this area has a rounded pattern and thinner skin. Avoid buying iPhone cases that are made from the tail of the crocodile or alligator since this area is heavily scarred. The tail section should only be used on the internal part of the case. Concerning the size, it is also important to consider the donor animal. When the leather comes from the smaller donor, you will notice that the transition of the scale will look more rapid. This may be a great option when using this for an iPhone case.


Safari Gloss or Classic Gloss


The alligator and crocodile iPhone cases are available in two types of finishes; the classic and safari gloss. The classic gloss has a shinier, smoother, and more processed look, mostly seen on premium luxury items. However, the skin will become less durable and slightly stiff. On the other hand, the safari gloss has a semi-gloss appearance but excellent durability.


These are just some things that you need to consider when buying an iPhone case made from alligator or crocodile skin. It will help you ensure that you are getting your money's worth. It will also help you choose a case that will reflect your personality.


Crocodile iPhone Case, Alligator iPhone Case

 Alligator iphone Case

The alligator leather skin is a premiere luxury material. It is known for its exclusivity and extravagance. The Crocodile leather, on the other hand, maybe slightly lower in terms of finesse and luxury, but its durability is commendable. Their pricing is basically the difference when choosing an iPhone Case made from alligator or crocodile skin. The alligator skin will usually have a more premium cost than crocodile skin.


The Difference between Alligator iPhone Case and Crocodile iPhone Case


To help you choose which iPhone case is better for you, we decided to enumerate some differences between these two exotic types of leather.


The Umbilical Scar


The crocodile and alligator have an umbilical scar, but the pattern may differ. This is something you need to consider when looking for the iPhone Case. In the part of the alligator, you will notice that the umbilical scar will be longer and has that webbed pattern situated between the rectangular strips on the leather. On the contrary, the crocodile's umbilical spot is modest. This pattern is only apparent on alligator leather that will help you certify the authenticity of the material. Most designers will consider adding the umbilical scar on the accessory.


Back Horns


For those familiar with the reptiles, you will notice that their neck part has a series of bumps or small horns. This feature is intricately arranged in a preset manner depending on the type of animal. For instance, the crocodile will have two rows of 2 and 4 horns, while the alligator will have two rows with two horns. This pattern will look discernible when the iPhone case has been crafted from this section (Horn-back cut).


The Tile Pattern

 Alligator iphone Case

Crocodile and alligator leather have an easily recognizable pattern; however, if you inspect the materials closely, you will notice their difference. The alligator skin will have that natural scars, and the patterns will be less consistent. Even if the alligator skin has been highly buffed, there will still be visible uneven lines. The tile pattern of the crocodile will look more consistent. If the leather were extracted from the belly section of the crocodile, the design would be symmetric. The smaller dots on the crocodile are also more visible than the alligator. These dots are originally the location of the hair follicles.



 Alligator iphone Case

Since you will be using your iPhone regularly, you want a case with a high level of flexibility with resistance against creases and bends. Alligator skin is a lot softer when compared to the caiman crocodile. You can bend it, and it will not crack. However, it would be best to remember that the tail portion of both creatures will not be that flexible. Ensure that you are getting an iPhone case made from the belly or the side section of the alligator or crocodile.



We at Croonicle do not advocate the use of animal skin for leather. Aside from the inhumane process, a large chemical dosage is required to preserve them. Those toxic elements can end up in our water supplies and contaminate the soil.


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