How to Start a Staffing Service


Starting your staffing agency can be a daunting experience. The thought of entering this industry can be a bit scary, especially if you are entirely unsure how it will turn out. Entrepreneurship is filled with uncertainties that might prevent you from pushing your business concept forward. However, by staying focused and organized, you will be able to increase your chance of finding success in this field.


Guide in Starting a Staffing Service


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Before you even start your staffing agency, you need to understand what type of staffing service you want to offer to the public. You can be a temporary staffing firm or a long-term staffing agency. It is necessary to understand the difference between these types.


Target Market

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Staffing services will operate in a broad range of employment sectors. Nonetheless, there are increasing numbers of staffing agencies working on the niche market. The various specializations today have created a more complex industry. If you are looking for your target market, you must consider the economic feasibility, experience, and demand and supply. You will also need to consider the subcategories if you choose to focus on a niche market. For instance, if you want to offer staffing in clerical and office positions, you may realize that it is possible to specialize in administrative support.


Startup Cost


Compared to the average business, the startup cost of the staffing agency is slightly higher. This is because starting this business from your home will not be possible. You do not want random people to have access to your house. It is necessary to set up a physical office since you want to appear professional. You will also be required to meet the payroll deadline even on the off chance that your business is not generating income. So how much will you need to open a staffing service? Most experts believe that you need to double the money you initially think you will need. The cost does not only involve creating a physical office, you will also need additional staff, marketing costs, lawyers to draft the contract, accountants, bookkeepers, utility costs, etc.



 Staffing agency

Staffing service is people work, and you will usually have to deal with applicants, employees, and clients. Most staffing firms will remain open for business from 8:00 in the morning up to 6:00 in the evening. Within those times, you will need someone ready to welcome all the possible applicants and clients. Once you open a staffing firm, you will be busy handling the phone calls. Clients will constantly be calling you to gather information about a qualified applicant.


Finally, you also need to consider the marketing strategy of your business. The traditional advertising technique can be effective when it comes to staffing services. To produce an advertisement that will draw the clients' interest, try to enumerate the advantages that they can enjoy once they choose your firm. For instance, tell them how they can save their time and money with your help. Inform them that there is absolutely no need to invest in their human resources or maintain a recruitment department.

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