How to Start Sewing and Clothing Alterations Business


Make the most out of your sewing skills by opening your sewing and clothing alteration business. By offering your services such as button replacement, customized tailoring, and clothing repair, you will generate a steady income source. You have the option to set up your business in a retail location or start a home-based business. The success of your business will depend upon your customer service, marketing technique, and work quality.


Things You Will Need When Opening Sewing and Clothing Alterations


How to Start Sewing and Clothing Alterations Business

Altering clothes daily can be a laborious and tedious business. Your attention to detail and passion are some of the required characteristics in this business. It is just too easy to give up, especially in an industry that requires a lot of manual work. Apart from that, there are also things that you will need to increase the chance of your success.


 Legal Structure of Your Business


When starting a sewing and clothing alteration, your business will need a legal structure, even if it is a sole proprietorship. The legal system will let you operate your business legally and market your business's services. The structure will allow you to accept your clients' fees on behalf of the company. After you determine your business structure, you need to register it together with the name of your business. The SoS (Secretary of State) will have all the details regarding the process of registration.


The Basics

 How to Start Sewing and Clothing Alterations Business

Like any business, you will need some of the basic items after successfully registering your business. Start by securing the EIN (Employer Identification Number) that will be used to report your business' federal tax. You may get it at the Internal Revenue Service. You will also need DUNS that will record the payment history of the company as well as its credit. By securing this number, you will be able to open a bank account for the business.


Business Plan


Even if you are starting your alteration business in your home, it is essential to plan and organize your business concept and strategies. Your business plan should provide detailed information about your business staffing and operation. It will also include marketing strategies, competitor analysis, and vendor requirements. Your business plan will guide you in determining the critical aspects of your business, such as the customer needs, startup costs, and targeted market.


Equipment and Location

 How to Start Sewing and Clothing Alterations Business

Compared to the other startup business, you will need a larger space for your sewing and clothing alterations business. It should be enough that will allow you to complete the task. The area should be adequate to satisfy the measuring and cutting process. You should also have a room for your clients where you can complete the hemming session. There are also essential pieces of equipment needed like a clothing presser, serger, and sewing machine.


When starting your sewing and clothing alteration, you may want to offer a warranty to your works to create repeat customers. You may also provide them with discounts and postcards that will let the customers appreciate your business and help you retain customers.

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