How to Start a Personal Concierge Service


As our society becomes more demanding, more and more people are looking for people that will effectively handle their errands. They will be able to save time and effort by hiring someone who can plan their itinerary or by taking the dogs to the vet's clinic. Starting a personal concierge service can be a fantastic business concept, especially if you have a flexible schedule and you enjoy the idea of assisting other people.


Guide on Starting Your Personal Concierge Service


When you plan to offer a personal concierge service, you will be surprised that there are various tasks involved in this industry. The needs of people can be unique that may overwhelm you. To prevent this, some people choose to focus on a specific niche such as internet research, appointment setting, travel arrangement, events planning, running errands, buying gifts, home organization, and grocery shopping.


Starting the Business


There are various things to consider when opening your personal concierge service. You will need to form your business structure and register it. Choosing the legal entity of your business is necessary. It can impact the various aspects of your business, such as business tax. You will also need to secure the essential licenses that will permit you to operate legally within your desired location. These are some things that you will have to discuss with professionals such as lawyers, bookkeepers, and tax preparers.


The Cost

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In the personal concierge industry, you are earning money by giving your clients the time they need. If you can free more of their time, you will be able to make more money. Contingent upon the service you are offering, you can earn from $25, increasing to $100 every hour. Most personal concierge will charge their client monthly rather than hourly. Startup costs, as well as the ongoing costs, are relatively low. It may include marketing, website, internet, telephone service, legal fees, accounting fees, car maintenance, fuel, and taxes.


Looking for the Possible Clients

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When looking for your possible clients, you must know how to market your skills and create a network. You may want to start offering your service to private houses. As you gain more experience, you will be able to adjust your business to meet the demands of your clients. You should also join networking events and local meet-ups. Some of the possible places to find your clients include, Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Clubs.


Finally, you should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of starting your personal concierge service. By creating this business, you will have the opportunity to provide a mixture of the services that your clients will need. You also do not have to complete training to be qualified in this industry. However, you need to have the patience to deal with the demanding schedule and clients.

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