How to Start a Fashion Accessories Business


Starting a business in fashion accessories will allow you to sell a wide range of fashion items such as fashion jewelry, handbags, shoes, wigs, gloves, scarves, headbands, and hats. This business will suit individuals who are competitive, young, and fashionable. They should also have a profound understanding of the fashion market. They must be able to keep up with the latest changes in fashion trends.


Guide on Starting a Fashion Accessories Business and Tips on Fashion Logo

How to Start a Fashion Accessories Business

If you think that this market sector will be a rewarding and lucrative experience for you, you need to conduct a market research first. It will help you find out the type of accessories your targeted market will choose. It is also necessary when developing your business plan and understanding your goals.


Determine the Name of Your Business


Choosing the name of your fashion accessory business may be more complicated than you think. It should reflect the type of accessories you plan to sell. The name should also help you in your company branding. When thinking of a Title, start by listing all the names that will cross your mind. It will make the elimination process a lot easier. Emphasize the brand message. After this, try to design a logo and see if the company's name will complement your business logo. You may also need to add a tagline to deliver the message and function of the company.


Create a Business Plan

 How to Start a Fashion Accessories Business

Establishing a solid business plan is necessary for all types of businesses. The business plan is a comprehensive document that involves different elements that concern your business. It may contain information about the nature of your business, the goal (business or personal goal), and the best way to accomplish your goals. Make sure to provide an overview of your fashion accessory business. Create a list of your different fashion accessories and write information about them. Add some essential details about your market, such as the financial forecast, premises, staff, and market research.




After creating your business plan, call the office of the local bank and arrange a meeting to secure financing. You will have to present your business plan professionally and clearly during this step. It will help the bank manager analyze if your business proposal is viable and legitimate. Prepare a few samples of your fashion accessories and take them on your presentation. If they accept your business proposal, you can now open your business account.

Create a Fashion Logo

Some of you might think that a business with logo is no big deal. However, the logo is essential especially for a startup fashion business. It will serve as the core of your branding campaign. It helps people determine if you are a perfect fit for them. When creating a fashion logo, you will have more chance to apply your creativity since this is a creative business. You can have a cursive font style and choose a more playful color. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that it is still reflecting the values, statement, and story of your brand. Look at the existing logo in the market, you want to make sure that you will be unique from them. You will have to stand out if you want to survive in this unforgiving industry.


Choosing the Location

 How to Start a Fashion Accessories Business

You can set up an eCommerce site to sell your accessories online, but you should not undermine the benefits of having a retail location. Find a place that is within the premises of fashion boutiques. The customer loves to feel these accessories to see if it matches the outfit they purchased. The retail location should be able to reflect your personal preference and taste.


When starting a fashion accessory business, we encourage you to seek professional advice from business experts. You should also attend finance and business courses to enhance your knowledge and skills in running the business. It will be best to go through an apprenticeship before starting your business. With regard to fashion logo design, it is always best to seek the help of a professional graphic designer.

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