Make Your Hotel and Hospitality Business Holistic


For years, the hotel concept has become the focus of most owners and managers. This term is often mistaken to be purely aesthetic in nature. In reality, 'Hotel Concept' is more than just the visuals. The strength of this concept can be derived from connecting various elements in hotel and hospitality to develop a compelling and coherent image.


Creating a More Holistic Concept for your Hotel and Hospitality Business


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Whether you are responsible for refurbishing or developing the hotel or in charge of management, here are some points that you need to remember to create a more holistic hotel concept.


Categorize Your Guests Based on Their Behaviour


The goal of their travels and the demographics are no longer the best way to categorize your guests. This is since the difference between leisure and work is becoming thinner today. Instead of segmenting them using demographics, group them according to the customer's behavior. To accomplish this, you should ask for essential information such as their preference regarding the dining options, business center, and location. It will help develop a coherent, holistic strategy that helps prevent stereotyping. One way to do this is by creating a survey on your social media posts and blogs. However, not many people will be willing to complete an extensive survey. To encourage them, give a discount code for those who completed it.


Identify the Hotel's Asset

 Holistic hotel

To create a holistic hotel and hospitality concept, you should take advantage of the tangible asset of the hotel. The hospitality attributes need to be coherent and authentic. It can be the unique combination of the guests, the building, the location, history, or landscape, or your housekeeping. There are also multiple attributes that you can use to create a holistic and robust hotel concept. Make sure that this attribute is also relevant to the specific section of the hotel or the entire hotel.


Pay Attention to Social Interactions

 Hotel and Hospitality Business

To provide your guests with unprecedented comfort, the public section of the hotel should provide an opportunity for social interaction. Humans are social creatures, and giving them a chance to interact is essential to developing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Price range, company culture, time, and type of guest are some of the aspects that will affect the social interaction strategy of your hotel and hospitality business.


Design a Convincing Brand Story


Your brand story is generally infused in various aspects of the customer's experience. It will give your hotel product more substance and depth. Developing a strategy and brand story will require you to understand the history of the business while looking at the company's future. Take note that a good brand story will help you develop the story infinitely. You will be able to add additional chapter as the story progress.


Maximize Your Revenue

 Hotel and Hospitality Business

Like the retail industry, a holistic hotel and hospitality business should be intended to maximize the business's revenue. For instance, if you are planning the layout of your gift shop, you should ask how much income your business can generate. Your hotel's dormant areas should be transformed into an income-generating area if possible.


We believe that it is essential for the hotel and hospitality business to have a holistic approach when developing the concept and strategy. By following the guide, you will develop a coherent value plan that is unique and memorable.


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