How to Know That You Are Dating an Honest Guy


Are you wondering if you are dating an honest guy? He might appear to be the ideal guy, and he also says the right thing at the perfect time, but something inside you is saying not to trust him. It is a common dilemma for most girls. They are normally hesitant to trust that type of man since they believe that this man is just deceiving them. Honesty is an important trait of a man, especially if you want to have a steady relationship with him.


Tips That Will Help You Find Out If You Are Dating an Honest Guy


Omission of truth

Nowadays, it is too hard for you to distinguish an honest man from a con artist. Even in the digital world, you can’t be sure if you are dating an honest guy. There is no guarantee that the one you are dating is using their real profile picture.


Pay Attention to His Actions and Reactions


Perhaps the best thing you can do to determine if you are dating an honest guy is to watch his actions and reactions while in public. According to the experts, one trait of a dishonest man is the inability to maintain eye contact. They are often distracted by their surroundings, and they will also change their story when questioned. The honest man will stay focused. He will be consistent in his story, and he knows that his view on a certain subject may not be the right answer. In case your man is arguing and convincing you that his views are the proper answer, then you need to stay on your guard.


Listen Attentively

 Dating an honest guy

Another effective method to know if you are dating an honest guy is to listen attentively during your discussion. A person who is lying will lack details on his stories. This is because the liars will not have the time to create a detailed account. When you man is describing or providing details about his past, make sure to scrutinize the details. You should also notice their non-verbal language, such as their body movement. If he starts sweating when you question him, there is a sign that he’s hiding something.


Analyze His Posture


When dating an honest guy, you will notice that they have a better posture than those who fabricate their stories. It is since liars do not have confidence in what they are saying. Notice their tone; if a dishonest person has a high pitch, then there’s a chance they are lying. Observe the pace of their speech; if you think that it is faster or slower than usual, they are probably lying.


Finally, you need to examine the life of your dating partner. Not every aspect of his life will be divulged to the public, but if you see inconsistencies or gaps in their stories, you have to guard yourself. You will tell if you are dating an honest guy if you follow the tips listed above. 


Omission of Truth is Tantamount to Lying?

 Dating an honest guy

Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship when you choose to withhold information from your partner to avoid a fight or protect their feelings. While you may think that omission of truth is just an acceptable practice, you may realize that you are just delaying the confrontation until such time that he finds out about it. If that fateful day comes, whose fault do you think it is? You will probably respond to him by defending yourself and telling your partners that he never asked about it or that it is for his own good.


Lying Through the Omission of Truth

 Omission of truth

Just like everything in this life, you can expect all things to be just white and black. There are instances that the omission of truth may appear harmless, while there are times that it is considered necessary. Some people believe that it is a sweet lie, and others think you can’t necessarily call it a lie. So how do you know that withdrawing information is tantamount to lying?


Lie Is Never the Lack of Words


A lie is not the missing detail; it is the intention of a person to deceive the other party. The purpose of the deceiver is to obtain a specific response from the receiver. The deliberate omission of truth is considered a lie if the missing information will affect the result. A person is not required to open his life to the public, but if you choose to hold back vital information to manipulate the judgment or decision, you are obviously lying to your partner.


Intentionally Hiding Something

 Dating an honest guy

The omission of truth will become a lie if the person is intentionally concealing the information from her partner. If the person is aware that she is omitting is important or relevant or that she has a particular motive in omitting the detail, she is lying. All attempts to create a deception are equivalent to lying, even if it is executed by omitting or adding information. If you choose to analyze the situation, you will understand why some people use the words ‘omission of truth’ and ‘lie’ interchangeably. This is because both of them have the sole purpose of hiding the truth. The only difference is that when one chooses to lie, they are not just masking the fact, but they want the other to believe that their ‘lie’ is the truth. However, the result is considered the same since you hold back important information.

 Omission of truth


Generally, I believe that the omission of truth is similar to a lie. If you are committed to a romantic relationship and choose to cheat with your partner but you decided not to tell him, you are lying. If the other party has a certain expectation towards you and decides to hold back the information, you are a liar. Regardless of your situation, withholding necessary information that may affect your relationship with your partner is considered lying.

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