How to Get Your Occupational Drivers License in Austin


If your driving license got suspended due to some traffic violation, you might be qualified to get an Occupational Drivers License in Austin.   It is a restricted form of license that allows you to drive a non-commercial motor vehicle for a definite period. Using the ODL will enable you to drive legally to accomplish your obligation in school, work, or run some errands. It may also include conducting household activities, including taking a family member to the hospital, school, or doing some grocery.


The Process of Getting Your Occupational Drivers License in Austin



First of all, you need to be aware that not everyone can get an Occupational Drivers License in Austin. If you lost your license due to physical and mental disability or failed in paying child support, you are definitely not qualified to get an ODL. Other instances include driving a commercial vehicle, lacking the essential need, public safety issues, applying and receiving two occupational driver licenses within ten years after your last conviction, or receiving a rigid suspension. If you think you are qualified to receive an ODL, here's what you need to do.




You need to prepare yourself for a lengthy legal process. Sometimes, the procedure can get a bit complex, so you need to hire the service of a lawyer. You will not only have to be ready emotionally, you should also check your finances. You want to make sure that you are capable of handling this.


Dealing with the Necessary Documents

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Check for the current condition of your driver's license. See if you really require an Occupational Drivers License Austin or whether you can reinstate the license. If yes, gather all the necessary documents and information to ask the Court to grant you an ODL. You need to file the documents with the clerk of the local court. After successfully filing the document and receiving the order, go back to the court to request the judge to sign the declaration. Once you receive the judge's approval, you should mail the order immediately to the DPS, including the associated fees and documents.


Handling the Court Paperwork

 Occupational Driver License in Austin

When completing the necessary form, you need to accomplish at least two court paperwork; the petition for Occupational Drivers License in Austin and the Order for ODL. These forms can be downloaded at the official site of Texas law. The paper is consists of questions that you need to answer. See that you will truthfully answer the questions since they will be verified. A driving record will also be necessary. You can get them also online at the official site of DPS Texas. You also need to secure proof that you need to fulfill obligations such as registration form in school, affidavit or statement from your work, and others.


How Much does it Cost for an Occupational Drivers License in Austin?


The cost will depend upon your needs. For instance, expect that you will have to deal with fees if you acquire the assistance of a lawyer. The filing fee is $46, based on the latest record. You will have to file the original copy and two copies of the Certified Abstract Driving Record, SR-22, and Occupational Driver License Petition. For the Order, you don't have to file this since the court will draft it. If you require additional copies, you will have to pay $1 for the first page alone and $0.25 for the next pages.

Not all of us know that we are still allowed to drive even if our Texas driver's license has been revoked, suspended, or denied.  That is if you get an Austin occupational drivers license. So, what is an occupational driver's license?  An occupational driver's license, also known as ODL, is a restricted license allowing you to drive on specific days and at a particular time and only when there is an "essential need." Going to your work or school and doing important household responsibilities can be considered as essential needs.


Who Qualifies for Austin Occupational Drivers License?

Austin Occupational Drivers License

Not everyone is qualified to get an ODL.  Those who have their permit revoked because of a certain mental disability, or physical condition cannot get an Austin Occupational Drivers License.  Failure to pay child support can also be a reason.  Getting an occupational driver's license to drive a commercial vehicle is also not allowed.  The judge can also hamper the procedure if they think you are a threat to public safety and decide that you do not have an essential need.


How to Prepare to Get an Austin Occupational Drivers License?

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Be reminded that the process can be tedious and take weeks, so you need to hire a lawyer to achieve your goal.  The first thing you need to do is check your documents and see if you need Austin Occupational Drivers License. Also, you should know beforehand if you are qualified to have an ODL.  It is advisable to prepare the forms and documents required by the court to issue you the ODL.  File your records and then visit the court and kindly ask the judge to affix his signature on order.  If and I say IF you successfully get the judge's sign, immediately mail the documents, including the right amount of fees, to DPS.


Documents included may include


  • ·         Petition for Austin Occupational Drivers License
  • ·         Order for Occupational Driver's License
  • ·         SR-22 proof from your insurance
  • ·      Proof that you have essential needs such as the school's registration form, salary form, a letter from your company, or a sworn affidavit explaining your critical need to drive.

Will it Take Effect Immediately?

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The order will not immediately take effect after a judge signs it if it concerns a hard suspension.  It takes around 90 days for the order to be effective if the driving permit was suspended due to drug-related cases or alcohol five years before the arrest, 180 days for manslaughter and Intoxication assault, and 365 days for the second violation of manslaughter and Intoxication assault.


Processing time can take up to four weeks, with the exception of the cases aforementioned.  It is best to consult a lawyer and discuss the option and possibilities.  Look for a capable lawyer with experience in processing the Austin Occupational Drivers License.


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