How to Get Craft Ideas from Pinterest


Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are usually the more preferred platform of the business and brands. Pinterest is also a powerful tool that you can use to interact with your customers through their visual aspect. Apart from that, it is also a great way to generate new ideas for your next DIY project. To start using this social media platform, you will need to sign-up for an account. You have the option to create a personal or business account. A business account will allow you to access the different features that will help you with your business, while a personal account has the basic features. After completing your sign-up form, it is time to find your next craft ideas from Pinterest.


Tips To Find Craft Ideas from Pinterest


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Here are some tips that will guide you in anything related to Pinterest and how you can organize your projects. We've also enumerated some simple craft ideas from Pinterest below.


How Pinterest Works

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After logging in to your account, you will be directed to your home feed. It will show you the most recent pins that came from other accounts. If you saw an image and find it interesting, simply pin it, and it will show on your home feed. It will also show the different pictures from the accounts you are following. On top of the website, you will see the search bar. At the right part, there is a drop-down menu that directs to the different categories. It means that if you want to look for craft ideas from Pinterest, then you will most probably find them at the 'Home Decor' Section. There is also a special section intended for DIY and crafts. If you want it to add in your feed, the '+' button can be used to pin the image you choose.


Searching Using the Hashtag


When people share their pins, they can use hashtags similar to other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although Pinterest has its unique way to search, hashtags may not be the ideal way to search for your craft ideas from Pinterest. Hashtags are effective for brands and businesses, but the keyword is the right way to do it if you are looking for a DIY idea.


Searching At the Popular Posts


Another great way to find craft ideas from Pinterest is to look through the trending posts. Click at the drop-down menu mentioned above and choose 'Popular.' It will direct you to the trending pins during that particular time. You will see the different related interests on the top of the trending banners. Simply choose the DIY Ideas to look at the list of popular do-it-yourself ideas.

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These are just some tips to help you find your craft ideas from Pinterest. This social networking site has a massive collection of home improvement crafts and ideas intended for the different levels of individuals who love creating handmade products.


Simple and Easy Craft Ideas from Pinterest


Are you curious about home improvement crafts, but you have no idea where or how to get started? To motivate you to create your DIY crafts, we have listed some simple craft ideas from Pinterest you can make at your home using simple tools and materials. We decided to include handmade crafts that are inexpensive, which makes them an incredible gift and keepsake. Here are some of them.


Denim Phone Case

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To make a DIY denim phone case, you will need a felt fabric cut into squares, denim scrap, sewing needle and thread, pen, scissor, and your phone. To start, take your phone and your scrap of denim. Trace around your phone while leaving an allowance of 1.5cm. Cut it out and use the pattern to cut another piece with a similar size. This pattern will also be used to cut the felt fabric; however, trim the side of the felt fabric to make them slightly smaller than the denim. Use your phone as a reference and mark the front part felt and denim at about 0.5cm from the phone's upper edge. Cut the felt and the denim and create a small triangle at the center of the felt and denim. Place the pieces together and start sewing the side except on the top where you place your phone. Avoid sewing too close to the edges.


Spiral Earrings


The spiral earrings DIY craft ideas from Pinterest would be an excellent gift for your friends. To start, prepare all your items and tools such as a sterling silver wire around 0.6-0.8mm in diameter, beads, pen, wire cutters, Round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, and file. Take your wire and cut it to about 2 inches long. Use the Flat-nose pliers when bending the end to create a small loop. It will serve as the center of the spiral. Clamp the spiral using your flat-nose pliers and start wrapping the wire around the pliers. After 2-3 wrap, you should now have a spiral design. Bend the edge of the spiral at about 90-degrees, then place the beads. Create a loop at the other end using round-nose pliers. Repeat the same process to create your spiral earrings.



Rag Wreath

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It is a no-sew craft ideas from Pinterest that can turn into a stunning accent suitable for different occasions. You will need an iron, embroidery hoop, rotary cutter or scissor, and fabric scrap. The strips should be cut at about 1x7 inches. Create at least 100 of these strips. Take the embroidery hoop and separate the outer and inner ring. Knot the strips around one of the rings closely and ensure that the ring is not visible. Add decorative items and hang them on your wall.


Hopefully, we were able to satisfy you with simple and helpful craft ideas from Pinterest by using simple items that you can find inside your house. Be sure to check our latest article for the latest DIY projects ideal for beginners. We will provide you with comprehensive instruction on a variety of handmade projects.

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