How to Create Proper House Rules for Flatmates


Individuals who love to be in the company of others will realize that living in a shared house would be a fantastic experience. Those who are looking for college housing options may also find this ideal for their situation. However, there will be instances when you wish you have that personal space. Sharing the house with strangers can be a daunting and strange experience. It will take time before you get accustomed to their personality and unique habits. You will have to exert extra effort to make the space comfortable and welcoming for everyone.


Creating Proper House Rules for Flatmates


The harmonious living condition inside the flatshare will be all about communication, tolerance, and trust. Here are some things that you need to consider when creating the house rules for flatmates.





If all of you are signatories to the lease, this means that all of you will have the same amount of rights to the household. It does not necessarily mean that just because someone is paying for the larger room, he will have the authority to create the rules. You are all responsible for paying the required amount of rent and making an ideal space for everyone. Exercise your rights and make sure that your flatmates will hear your voice.



House Rules for Flatmates


You need to create and agree on the rules related to the payment delivery. Collection of the rental payments should not be the responsibility of a single person. The process can be conducted using a third-party bank account to enhance payment efficiency. You should also consult the landlord or the property manager. They would be able to find the best solution for your concern. Missing the payment date due to unforeseen situations is not an excuse. Remember that you are renting a house wherein all occupants will be affected if someone fails to complete the payment in time.




Gas bills, water, and electricity should be split in an equal manner to all the household members. There are instances where tensions will arise once you receive your cooling or heating bill. If one member uses an appliance that uses higher energy, you may ask him to have a higher share of the energy bill. Sustainability should also be an essential part of the house rules. Talk to them about some ways on how you can conserve household energies, such as recycling.



 House Rules for Flatmates

The cleaning rules will generally lead to disputes if this is not clearly stated. The sharing issue will require continuous adjustment before you get things right. It is because most of the household members will have a varying opinion on their definition of ‘cleanliness.’ The mess tolerance of everyone can also differ. Not many of you will understand how to keep the oven and bathroom clean. When it comes to the cleaning method of the other, you need to remain patient. Wait for them to finish their cleaning before you bring up the issues politely.


When creating the house rules, you need to consider other things include cooking and food arrangement, the noise in public areas, parties and visitors, and pets. All house members will need to honor and agree on the house rules to make it a desirable place to live. Should one fail to abide by the rule numerous times, a proper sanction should be in place to discourage the other flatmates from breaking the rules.

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