How to Choose Sideboards


Sideboard, buffet, or servers are generally utilized to store items, such as dining accessories, linen, silverware, and wine. The surface of the sideboards can be used to display food before they are served on our table. It functions as an additional serving space ideal during family gatherings. Some sideboards can function as a writing desk or a place where you can set the lamp or flower vase, which will enhance the site's ambiance. Sideboards should not be limited to the dining area alone. They will also work perfectly on the kitchen, home office, bedroom, living room, and sunrooms. Homeowners may find it challenging to decide which sideboard will be best for them. Let us have a closer look at your various points of consideration.


The Style of the Sideboards


How to Choose Sideboards

Whether you are buying a used or new sideboard, you must consider the style of the sideboards. Your choice should reflect the overall theme of your room. A traditional sideboard style will look out of place when you introduce it to a contemporary space. Modern style has a rectangular shape, and they have a glossy finish. Traditional types will usually bear a resemblance to the classic style.   Contemporary design has prominent wood veneers and a clean design. The retro style has elements of the 20th century. French country styles are commonly made of pine. Asian styles have simplistic patterns, especially on the handles and hinges. Nordic is made from hardwood, Victorian is larger than the other styles, and the art deco style is known for its geometric streamlining.


With or Without Hutches

 How to Choose Sideboards

The most prominent type of sideboards would be the servers that come with a hutch. It is excellent for storing collectibles such as stemware and glassware. If you think that the sideboard with a hutch is too overwhelming, more minor variations provide storage space for hardware, linens, and glassware. The smaller sideboards' surface is usually more expansive, offering massive space for setting the food.


The Design of the Legs of Sideboards

 How to Choose Sideboards

Sideboards can be functional and fashionable. Nowadays, they are crafted on different geometrical shapes. There are sideboards with legs, and others only sit on their base. When you are looking at the legs of the Sideboards, you may choose from Turned, Saber, Marlborough, and Cabriole.


Finally, you should also consider the flexibility, door style, and size of the sideboards. Looking carefully at these aspects will help you choose the functional and beautiful sideboard suitable for your space. It will also help you invest wisely and make sure that you can pass this furniture on to the future generation.

How to Choose Sideboards for the Dining Area

 How to Choose Sideboards

Your dining room is not only a place where you can feast; it is also transforming into a place where you can entertain your guests. Your dining place should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be welcoming. Your guest will feel at ease and comfortable in your area if it has that hospitable ambiance. One good way to upgrade the look of your dining room is to add sideboards. The sideboard is a functional item in your room where silverware and platters can be stored, but you may also use it for decorative purposes.


Size of Your Dining Set

 How to Choose Sideboards

If our dining rooms have different sizes, sideboards are also available in varying sizes. When you hunt for the ideal sideboard, you will notice that they are available in three sizes, the small, the medium and the large. To find out which size is suitable for you, you need to consider the size of your dining area. If your dining set can accommodate only four people, perhaps you will need the smaller type of sideboard. If up to 6 people can occupy your dining set, you will probably need a medium-type of sideboard. Dining sets with eight seats will mostly fit a large dining area, so a large sideboard will look great.


The Number of Things You Will Store


When considering the size of the Sideboards, you also need to think about the items that you are planning to store on the sideboard. Perhaps you have a smaller dining set, but if you have more things that you want to keep in your sideboard, then probably a medium sideboard will be your ideal choice. You should never settle for smoothing smaller since it will look out of place. However, be sure that it will perfectly fit the room. 


Material Used

 How to Choose Sideboards

While you are considering the size of your sideboard, you should also look into the materials used. Look for the sideboards crafted using solid wood that will be extremely strong and durable. Solid wood will generally have high resistance against wearing and tearing and maintain its quality for years. Mango wood has a strong character due to the dark shade of wood. If you are looking for a lighter sideboard, acacia wood would be your choice.



Most people will buy more than one sideboards that they can also use in their bedroom or living room. There are also instances where they have a larger dining room and want to create a perfect balance in their area. Remember to consider the quality and the size of the furniture when looking for sideboards. It will ensure that you will have perfectly sized sideboards that will last for decades.

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