Director of Yield Management in the Hotel Industry


Those planning to start a career in yield management in the hotel industry are probably wondering about the skills they need to develop that will help them secure their dream job. This article is not only for the students at the final stage of their education program but also for the mid-level managers who have extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Hopefully, we will be able to guide you towards a better decision after reading this article.


Guide on Becoming a Director of Yield Management in the Hotel Industry

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The problem is that most hotels are looking for someone with experience and a proven track record. It is just impossible for them to choose a rookie responsible for their distribution and pricing strategy. You might be a fast learner and extremely smart. Still, there is just no organization that is prepared to put their business at considerable risk to help you achieve your ambition in yield management in the hotel industry.


Where Should I Start?

 Hotel revenue management

Suppose you desire to become a director of yield management in the hotel industry. In that case, you should start by having a comprehensive understanding of the process of operation. It will help you comprehend and acquire skills needed to become a yield manager. You may achieve this goal by working as a reservation or assistant manager where you will be under the direct guidance of the yield manager. Treat this as a preparation where you will eventually have the opportunity to increase your rank. If you have been working as an assistant manager and have a good track record, there is a good chance that you will be promoted in the future.


Apply as an Entry-Level Position


Those who lack the skills may apply to the entry-level position in the hotel revenue management department. Most of the big hotel chains will have a job for an analyst. It is a perfect chance to learn the necessary skills and experience to become the director of yield management in the hotel industry. You can also be in-charge in restricting and allocating the rate levels. There is also a possibility that you will be responsible for the analytical area of the business. 



 Hotel revenue management

You will definitely need to showcase your talent in the field of hotel revenue management. The competition in this area has become stiff since more universities and hotel schools have included the related courses in their curriculum. More and more students who have a solid educational background in yield management graduate yearly. The industry is too saturated that companies are looking for that person who has a particular talent.


Individuals dreaming of a career in hotel revenue management should make sure that they stand out from the rest. Having good grades and experience on internship will no longer be sufficient in securing a position in this field. They are now looking for someone who can offer more to their company. Finally, once you secure your position as a Director of Yield Management in the hotel industry, your learning should not stop. You should continue updating yourself on the latest travel and hospitality trend.

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