How to Arrange Your Desk to Be Productive


Our workspace highly affects our level of productivity. The function of our workspace, the decoration and arrangement, and how we sit are just some of the factors affecting our creativity and efficiency. The simple things such as knowing when to hit the pause button or the proper placement of your feet on the surface can spell a huge difference in enhancing the effectiveness of your work. Based on a recent study, around 40% of the adult population spends their entire day at their work. While there are manual laborers, a large percentage of the population works at their desks. Here are some of the tips that you can do with your desk to help you improve the productivity of your work.




How to Arrange Your Desk to Be Productive

The lighting of our workstation is one of the primary factors affecting our focus and creativity. Unfortunately, this factor is often neglected. Poor lighting in your desk can lead to serious conditions such as headache, eye strain, fatigue, and others. Those who work in a company can bring their own lighting system such as desk lamps to improve their desk lighting. You may also use natural light or light devices with therapeutical benefits.


Table and Chair


In case you work in front of the desk, and you realize you are doing a lot of stretching, moving, and adjusting, there is a possibility that you do not have a properly fitted table and chair. Today's work environment requires us to spend a lot of time sitting in front of our desks, and our bodies must fit perfectly on our chairs and table.


One of the things that you should consider when choosing the distance between your chair and desk would be the position of the computer monitor. The monitor should be between 24-36 inches away from your eyes to prevent eye strain. Also, the computer should be below eye level. The chair's height should be sufficient enough to keep your feet flat on the surface. Find a slightly reclined chair to reduce the pressure that is building in your spine. You may also ask the company for an adjustable chair so you can easily adjust it based on your preference. Add a pillow at the back of your seat to provide additional support.


The Clutter

 How to Arrange Your Desk to Be Productive

According to the study, the clutter in your desk can increase your creativity; however, it can significantly impact your productivity and focus. It usually is impossible to keep your desk office tidy and organized. The clutter on your desk keeps on accumulating as the day goes by.   To minimize the mess, spend at least 10 minutes every day arranging the stuff on your desk.


The Color of the Room


The color in our surroundings can affect our mental function and our mood. It induces emotional and physical responses. So finding the ideal shade for your workspace can enhance your productivity. Different colors can improve our state of mind. Green can help us to gain focus and have a relaxed disposition. Blue triggers productivity; however, it is best not to overdo this as it can be overwhelming. You may bring a small block of color to remain focused and inspired.




Some company offices prefer to keep the room temperature at around 65-68 Degrees Fahrenheit. But a study shows that this level of temperature affects efficiency. It has been proven that a warm room can increase productivity. Bring a blanket or a sweater to control your body temperature if your workspace is cold.


The Scent of the Room

 How to Arrange Your Desk to Be Productive

The scent works hand in hand with the color of the room. You might want to add an odor in your office to enhance the mindset and mood of your employee. Citrus scent can awaken the sense of the people working in the office, Peppermint improves the mood, lavender helps us feel more relaxed, cinnamon triggers focus, and pine can increase our level of alertness.


Cloud Management System

 How to Arrange Your Desk to Be Productive

The tools and software can improve our efficiency. Some tools provide a cloud management system to manage all work in a single software. You will spend less time sending e-mail, calling, and tracking the progress of you and your team.


By keeping your desk optimized, clean and having access to the tools that can keep you back on track, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency. This will reduce the time and resources needed to finish the job.


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