How Selfishness Becomes Necessary


Society tends to praise selfless, righteous, and virtuous people and every good quality that heroes in the famous tale possess. Most people will not take "selfishness" as a compliment, but according to experts, being selfish is not necessarily bad. There are some situations when it becomes necessary.   While reading this article, consider looking at the inverse perspective for a while and have an open mind. If we still can't convince you that selfishness is sometimes necessary, we will not force our belief on you.


What Are the Things You Want?


How Selfishness Becomes Necessary

It's common to be egotistical and conceited, particularly while considering what you want in your life. It is your life, not your dad or your mom. It is natural for your folks to tell you about the things they want for you, but in the end, you will still decide based on your belief. Many parents think they have a superior decision; however, are they going to live with the results of their proposed decisions and choices? No. It is you who will be dealing with the consequences.


Selfishness Sometimes Mean Staying True to Yourself


Let us put it this way: if you live your life based on what other people want you to be, you will become another person. Every creation in this world is unique, be true to yourself. If you are afraid that you might commit a mistake based on your decision, don't be. You are a human, and you are bound to commit mistakes. A mistake can only remain as a mistake if you fail to learn from it.

 How Selfishness Becomes Necessary

When you don't take after your heart's yearning, you'll wind up being hopeless and loathing the people whom you allowed to influence or take control of your life. It's an odd part of humans; we are raised to please others, and we were always told not to offend them. Usually, we do not have the strength to say no, and eventually, we will hurt ourselves in the end. So think about it, is it worth it?


Be Selfish When it Comes to Your Happiness


If one of your companions or your kids asked you about whom they should please, are you going to tell them to let other people control their lives? Your obvious answer should be 'no.' However, why is it so hard to decide about a matter concerning you? Most of us would prefer not to hurt our loved ones. You want them to be happy. However, they want you to be satisfied as well. Will seeing you despondent and depressed make them cheerful?

 How Selfishness Becomes Necessary

The question here is whether you love them or not; it is how much you love yourself. We regularly say "yes," even when we have to say "no." We gladly offer our service to them, even on time that we prefer not to. In some cases, we even get to be somebody for others since it's anticipated from us, and we don't want to fail them. After that, we detest them for creating something we are not. Now, tell me if that is love.


Ask yourself, are you willing to take responsibility for someone else's happiness? Taking that responsibility away from them sends them the clear message that they need to make you happy, and they are not allowed to be happy on their own.   We are responsible for our own happiness. It is a human obligation to take responsibility for our satisfaction.

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