How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery


One of the most common questions that often resurface when it comes to pizza is the proper amount of tip you should give to the pizza delivery guy. They are, after all, providing you with a convenient service by dealing with untimely circumstances such as driving miles and miles on a dirt road to give that freshly baked pizza right in front of your doorstep. It is just too sad that there seems to be no standard on how much to tip pizza delivery. Some people are not even showing their appreciation to the delivery guy; others give them a small percentage. To help you with your tipping issue, we created a short guide that will help you determine the right amount of tip for the pizza driver.


Calculating How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery


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Pizza delivery can be expensive to some, and adding the tip can make it even more costly; that is why some people hesitate to be generous with their tips. If you look at the bill, you will notice that it comes with the delivery fee; unfortunately, the delivery guy will never receive this.   The drivers are paid a minimum wage. Therefore, an additional tip will always be appreciated. Some pizza companies provide their driver with reimbursement fee and gas allowance, but generally, they earn the most in their tips. Here are the average rules on how much to tip pizza delivery.


The Minimum Tip

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The minimum tip usually is around $3. It is basically the 15% of your order worth $20. Whether your order falls short on the $20 mark, you should provide the pizza delivery guy with a $3 minimum tip.


For the Complicated Order


If you want to know how much to tip pizza delivery for the complicated order and they managed to get your order right, you may want to add $1 on the tip. Check your order first to guarantee that they include the proper toppings. Be considerable if they commit a mistake. If you ask them to get it right, they will have to make another round trip, which includes gas expenses taken from their own pocket.


For Out of the Area Delivery


When you live out of town, there’s a chance that the pizza store will reject your order. The pizza guy is also not receiving an extra gas allowance, so make sure you give them an additional $1 tip.


For the Big Orders

 how much to tip pizza delivery

If you want to know how much to tip pizza delivery in huge orders, make sure never to give them less than 10% of the total bill. They are carrying a significant amount of weight, and they will also ensure that they will deliver it earlier than expected since they are expecting a generous tip. Always give them above 10% tip for the big order.


You should know that nothing in this world is free; even online delivery comes with a charge. Remember the average tips we provided above to have a proper idea of how much to tip pizza delivery.

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