Step-by-Step Guide When Looking for a Wedding Photographer


Compared to the services offered by the wedding vendors, such as your cake, flower arrangement, and music, you will not have an idea of what your wedding photos may look like until the event has been concluded. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to the wedding photographer's artistic style, professional skills, and demeanor.


Steps in Finding the Right Wedding Photographer


Tips Hiring wedding photographer

Looking for a photographer is one of the most crucial steps in your wedding plan. Capturing every moment of this momentous occasion and documenting it is highly important. Here is a systematic procedure that will help you avoid mistakes that may ruin this memorable day.


Step 1:  Choose Your Style

 Tips Hiring wedding photographer

Before you even start looking for your Wedding photographer, you should first choose your preferred style. This will help you identify the right photographer that you want for your wedding. Here are some of the styles that may appeal to you.


·         Documentary- Instead of the usual posed photo, the documentary focuses on spontaneous and candid shots. The photojournalistic wedding photographer will rarely capture images of people staring at their camera. These pictures aim to tell a story when they are together.


·         Portraiture- These are the classically posed photos.


·         Fine Art- this is quite similar to the documentary. However, it gives the wedding photographer the freedom to incorporate their artistic style into the photos.


·         Edgy- These are out-of-the-box photos. Framing and angles are non-conventional.


Step 2: Check Your Photographer's Reputation


After creating a shortlist, you need to check reviews on various online listing sites. Examine their website and make sure that it is professionally done. The blog of the wedding photographer should also provide you with informative and engaging content. Pay attention to some signs of fake reviews such as repetitive adjectives, a perfect 5-star rating, and unverified clients. Check the reviews on the 4-star, 3-star, and 2-star ratings. It should provide you with a better perspective on the experience and skill of the photographer.


Step 3: Invite Them on an Interview

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When interviewing your prospective photographer, you must meet them in person. If they are adequately equipped, their fees are reasonable; ask them if they will be available on your wedding date. Before the interview, be prepared to interact with your potential wedding photographer about your wedding style, venue, and personal ideas on your wedding photos.


Step 4: Check the Full Albums


To entice their clients, the wedding photographer will typically show you a collection of great photos from their various customers. Don't fall into this trap; ask them to show you the full albums of the wedding. If possible, find a setting that has a similarity with your wedding.


Step #5: Verify Your Shooter


If you are working with a large studio, there is a possibility that they have different photographers. It is also likely that the lead photographer will not be assigned to your wedding unless it is noted explicitly in the contract. You also need to ask if the photographer will be taking an assistant on your wedding day. The top-notch wedding photographer will generally have a second shooter, which gives better coverage on your wedding.


Finally, you need to be aware of your rights. In most cases, the wedding photographer holds the rights to the photos taken during your wedding day. This means that they can use it for their advertisement, and you won't be able to post it online. Make sure to negotiate this with your photographer. 



Things to Consider When Hiring Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding preparation may be exciting, but it is also filled with challenges. You will make an investment and create time-sensitive decisions. From choosing the perfect venue to assembling the right vendor team to make every moment memorable, everything has to be the way you imagined it. You will also need someone to capture the special moment. Your cousin or a family member may own a DSLR, but you will need a professional wedding photographer to handle this. To assist you in finding a suitable photographer for you, here are some things to consider.




The photographer's portfolio will show you their stories, skills, and styles. Wedding photography is a complex job. The right person for the job needs to have a top-notch technique, subject matter, lighting, color balance, presentation, creativity, and technical excellence. Think about the things that matter to you and score them based on you and your partner's preference. Looking at their portfolio is an excellent opportunity to analyze the photographer's style. Choosing a particular style will help you narrow down your choices.



 Tips Hiring wedding photographer

After you narrow down your choice of wedding photographer, you need to invite them for an interview. Those who are doing business with a large studio may have different photographers. You need to ensure that you will work with a photographer who will match your personality. You will be surprised how a photographer that complements your personality can set the mood and ambiance on your wedding day. Wedding photography is a multifaceted work; you need to feel comfortable working with them.




Rate each wedding photographer based on their expertise. While it is essential to feel comfortable working with the photographer, they should be bold to capture the images at the right time. You don't want your photographer to obstruct the view of your guests; they should be able to work in an unobtrusive manner. Additionally, some photographers will abide by your dress code that will allow them to blend into the crowd and will not make the guest feel uneasy.



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One thing that can distinguish the great wedding photographer from the rest is their preparation ability. This means that they will have to visit the wedding venue and the reception before the actual date. Their planning will also include the time they will show up, their clothes, and things you expect about them.


It appears that the best method in choosing your wedding photographer is based on you and your partner's judgment. Perhaps by reading this guide, choosing your photographer has become more accessible.

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