Guide on Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment


The average individual will shed at least 50 hairs daily. It will not lead to considerable thinning of the scalp since the hair regenerates simultaneously. Hair loss will occur once the natural cycle has been disrupted. To find the best hair treatment for hair loss, you need to determine the root cause of the problem. You can achieve this by analyzing your lifestyle, scalp, and hair.


5 Prevalent Causes of Hair Loss and their Corresponding Hair Treatment


Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment

Here are 5 of the common causes of hair loss. We added ways to prevent them and the best hair loss products to solve your hair issue.


1. Stress


Stress is probably the primary cause of hair loss. However, you need to know that the stressful situation is not the cause of the hair loss, but how you deal with your stress. If you are a relaxed person who is not affected by stress, your hair loss is not caused by stress. Stress can absorb the nutrients used by the body that may hamper hair growth. Hair loss occurs since our body utilizes these nutrients for a different purpose. When looking for the best hair loss products, look for something to replenish the lost nutrients.


2. Liver Issues

 Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment

The function of your liver will highly affect your appearance. A liver in a poor state will most likely lead to hair loss. The liver should produce an adequate amount of sebum. If it makes an excessive amount of sebum, it may clog the pores in our scalp that will prevent the growth of our hair. You need to ensure that your liver is functioning correctly. The proper hair treatment for this issue is exercising and improving your diet.


3. Poor Blood Circulation


As mentioned above, our hair needs a steady supply of nutrients to grow. You are probably wondering how these nutrients were carried to our hair. If the amount of blood in the vessels of our scalp has decreased, the supply of nutrients is affected. This issue is related to aging since blood circulation on the extremities will be reduced as people age. Biotin for hair loss is the right solution for this woe.


4. Medical Condition


There are varieties of medical conditions that can lead to hair loss. For instance, hormonal change can affect hair growth, but it should only be temporary. It can also be due to a skin disorder or skin infection. Individuals who have hair-pulling disorder will also suffer from hair loss. Treating the disease will help you reclaim your crowning glory. The best hair loss products for people suffering from a medical condition will be hard to determine. Ask your doctors about the preferred solution.


5. Poor Diet

 Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment

If you don't have an ample supply of protein, your body will deliver the protein to the organs that need it the most. It means that not enough protein will be received by your hair; this is based on the American Academy of Dermatology study. Lack of Vitamin B can also affect hair growth. Looking for the best hair loss products that contain the corresponding nutrients would be the perfect solution.


As you can see, determining the cause of hair loss will help you find the proper hair treatment for your concern. Fix the problem, and your hair will grow once again. Hair loss is an issue that affects both genders. While hereditary factors cause hair loss, poor circulation, insufficient nutrients, and hormonal imbalance can also lead to this problem. Fortunately, by eating the best food for hair growth, you can guarantee that you will maintain long and shiny hair.


Hair Vitamins and Where to Find Them


Here are some of the nutrients you should include in your diet routine. It will help you achieve beautiful and vibrant hair.


Essential Fatty Acid

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The essential fatty acid is a healthy fat that is vital for the proper function of our body. Remember that our body cannot produce the alpha-linolenic and the linoleic type of essential fatty acid. It should be obtained from the foods that we eat. Some foods with a high dose of this nutrient include avocado, fish, flaxseed, and walnut. Check the hair growth serum that contains this nutrient.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is one of the fantastic hair vitamins that can boost collagen production. Collagen is an enzyme that surrounds our hair strands. Unfortunately, our reserve collagen will start to reduce as we grow old. The best way to increase our collagen is not through the use of synthetic products but by getting enough supply of vitamin C. Red Pepper, strawberries, and citrus fruits are some of the best sources of Vitamin C. Aside from improving the appearance of your hair, you can also reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

 Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment

The MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane affects the production of keratin. Keratin is the protein found in our hair. In addition, MSM can also strengthen our hair follicles which prevent hair loss. Based on a particular study, 100% of the participants who were given MSM supplements have reduced their hair loss in a matter of 6 weeks. The best food for hair growth that contains MSM would be leafy vegetables such as cabbage, watercress, and Swiss chard. Asparagus and Beets also have a low amount of MSM.




Iron has also been proven to improve hair growth. It is commonly found in the popular hair growth serum. Some foods rich in iron include berries, cashews, leeks, and dried fruits. However, if you want to improve your body's iron absorption, you will need to boost your supply of Vitamin C first.


Vitamin E

 Prevention of Hair Loss & Hair Treatment

For those experiencing excessive hair breakage, you might want to consider boosting your Vitamin E. It is used to nourish dry and damaged hair. It has also been proven to aid the body in producing keratin. To support your hair growth, you need to have 400IU of hair vitamins.


Finally, the best food for hair growth will not deliver the right solution if your body can't absorb the nutrient properly. You need to improve the circulation of blood on your vessels. Using rosemary essential oil has been proven to increase the circulation on the scalp.


How to Find the Best Hair Treatment Products

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Based on the recent study, the average aisle intended for hair treatment products are consists of more than 600 items. It is pretty surprising, especially once you hear that the aisle for skincare only contains 400 items. The massive selection of souffl├ęs, gel, mousses, and pomades might overwhelm you. According to the survey that Unilever released, at least 1/3 of the population uses hair styling merchandise. Sadly, at least 89% of them have expressed dissatisfaction with hair care products.


Hair and Care:  Choosing the Right Product for Your Hair


Aside from the wide selections of hair care products in the market, our lack of understanding about our hair can complicate the entire process. Our hair is basically categorized depending on its porosity, texture, and elasticity. After you determine your hair type, you can choose the product that will suit your needs.


Healthy and Fine Hair

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Individuals who have healthy hair typically lack volume. The strand is considerably thinner and will break when exposed to certain chemical ingredients. Check products that aim to add volume to your hair. Choose hair treatment products with light elements and avoid heavy ones. Never subject your hair to hours of styling.


·         Shampoo- Shampoo should be used daily to prevent wax and dirt build-up. 'Amplifying' and 'Volumizing' are the words that should be included in the hair care products. To make it easier for you, choose the translucent shampoo since it has a rehydrating effect.


·         Conditioner- Avoid conditioner that contains behentrimonium methosulfate and dimethicone.


·         Styler- Your hair and care styler should contain candelilla wax or beeswax. For thickening spray, choose a product that contains panthenol, polyquaternium, nylon, and polyethylene elements.


Fine and Damaged Hair

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Achieving the hair volume that you desire can be a struggle. However, the process can even be more challenging to individuals with fine and damaged hair. You need to look for a product that will repair the damaged hair but not make your hair bendy. Looking for hair treatment products that contain balanced moisturizing and volumizing agents will restore your hair's beauty.


·         Shampoo- The shampoo should perfectly suit your scalp. If it feels irritated or itchy, you have a dry scalp; if it's greasy, you have oily roots. Oily roots should use a gentle type of hair care product. It means that it should not include sodium chloride and sulfate. For dry scalps, carrot extract and zinc pyrithione is an excellent solution.


·         Conditioner- 'Repairing' and 'Moisturizing' should be included in the conditioner's label. Look for products that contain glycerin, hydrolyzed elastin, oat protein, pomegranate oil, and peptides.


·         Styler- A spray that contains polyquaternium is your best solution.


Finding the right hair care products for your hair that will deliver the best solution can be achieved if you know the correct type of your hair. Contact your professional haircare expert to identify your hair types correctly.


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