Guide on the Economy of Pasco County, Florida


The local economy of various locations has its unique characteristics. The success, consistency, composition, and growth rate will differ from its neighboring community. In this article, we will try to summarize the composition of the economic sector of Pasco County, Florida. We will look at the employment rate, government transfer, primary industry, personal income, and other related factors.


An Overview of the Pasco County's Retailing Industry


Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

The employment rate in the retailing sector of Pasco County includes part-time and full-time proprietors and workers. The salaried and waged workers are the individuals who are working for the others, such as partnership, sole proprietorship, and company. On the other hand, the proprietorships are the entrepreneurs around the area. They can be the general partners involved in a partnership, or they can be running unincorporated businesses. The Retail Trade makes up 12% of the total earnings of the entire industry of Pasco County.


Earnings Per Worker


The earning of the worker refers to the estimate of the ordinary income of the people working in the retail industry. It is derived by dividing the total earnings by the total number of employees in the retailing sector. According to the study, the average earnings per worker in retail is around $27, 264 which belongs to the lowest together with food services and accommodation.


Impact on the Primary industry

 Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

The local economy of different communities will expand and develop systematically. In most cases, it is proportionate to the amount of money generated by the local area. Once the money enters the economy of Tampa, it will circulate on various businesses and different people until the community has fully absorbed the money. According to the survey, the retailing industry belongs to the four major sectors that significantly impact the primary industry. The impact of the retailing industry is close to 10%, which is higher than the sector of farming, management, and construction.


Earnings of the Retail Market


The retailing sector comprises various establishments that are involved in the selling of merchandise. Typically, it does not require service rendering and transformation when initiating the sale. Retailing is the last step in the process of distribution. It is also divided into different sub-sectors: non-store retailers, sporting goods, home furnishing shops, gasoline stations, appliance and electronics stores, store retailers, clothing shops, health stores, motor dealers, food stores, and general merchandise shops.


The retailing market of Pasco County serves as the final phase of the supply chain. It is considered essential since it allows the manufacturers to concentrate on producing the merchandise without interacting with the customers who may be interested in their goods. According to the national statistics, the retailing industry of the US makes up 5.9% of the country's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which contributes significantly to the country's economy. 


Educational System in Pasco County, Florida

 Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

The schools located in Pasco County are dedicated to supporting the students to achieve their success in life, college years, and career. They serve as the partner of the parents in providing them with premium education. They will guarantee that the student will have the necessary technology, resources, and materials that they will need to accomplish their goal. To deliver top-notch education, the educational system of Pasco Country, Florida, is about being supportive, responsive, and caring.


The Proper Preparation of the Students


The schools in Pasco County will provide the students with access to a range of curriculum that will take advantage of the personalized learning system such as technology, mathematics, language, social studies, science, nutrition, fitness, physical education, and arts. There are different opportunities where students will enjoy project-based, collaborative, and hands-on learning.


The district is also committed to providing premium intervention and instruction that will match the needs of the students. It will also help the student create the necessary decision, including remediation, retention, acceleration, and promotion. They will also have access to an array of extra-curricular activities that will develop the student's abilities, talents, and skills. Various programs such as athletics, drama, chorus, and band will promote exploration, innovation, and creativity.


The Standard Learning System of Florida

 Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

The goal of the education system of Pasco County is to provide the students with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them prepare for their college and career life. By providing the students with premium instructions daily and a competitive curriculum, the students will master a range of rigorous and demanding standards.


The Standard of the Educational System of Florida takes a different approach compared to the nearby states. The schools concentrate on providing the students with an in-depth understanding of the essential concept of the academic subject. It will allow them to apply what they learned to various facets of the real world. The public students in Florida are also required to participate in the FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) exam that will allow them to demonstrate their math, writing, and reading skills.


The Innovative Programs


The Educational System of Pasco County will allow the students to join innovative and challenging programs such as the IB (International Baccalaureate), AP (Advanced Placement), DE (Dual Enrolment), Infinity Academy, Career Academies, and different Diploma Options. You also have a range of options regarding the types of school you prefer. Magnet Schools offer the standard curriculum that focuses on math, arts, engineering, technology, and sciences. You can also choose the Pasco eSchool that is fully accredited. Other schools in Pasco County include the Virtual School, Virtual Academy, Home Education, and Charter Schools.

 Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

The educational system of Pasco County, Florida, also educates the family about their academic responsibilities and rights. If the guardian or parent found some inconsistencies in their child's record, they have the right to question these inconsistencies. This collaboration between the school and the parents has produced a fantastic result over the past few years.


Manufacturing Sector in Pasco County, Florida


Pasco County has at least 350 thriving and developing manufacturing companies that provide employment opportunities to more than 9,000 individuals. The manufacturing industry of Pasco County serves as the driving force of the local economy. The manufacturing companies located in this county represent a range of sectors that respond to the needs of the other manufacturing companies located in Tampa Bay. Others exported their finished product to the different areas of North America and various parts of the globe.


The Focal Point of the Manufacturing Sector in Pasco County, Florida

 Economic Profile Pasco County, Florida

Based on the latest survey initiated by the Economic Development Council of Pasco, around 89% of the products manufactured in this region are destined to be shipped outside of the county. It means that the manufacturing industry of Pasco is essential in meeting the demands and needs of other manufacturers in various parts of North America.


Since Pasco County is also considered a part of the Tampa Bay area, it has become the focal point of the real estate market. The industrial section of this market is regarded as one of the most active in the state, and it will give you access to international and national markets. Pasco is considered the center of the industrial sector of the real estate market of Florida. The site can accommodate medical device, development, research, and high-tech real estate solutions. 


The Manufacturing Industry of Pasco County in Numbers


According to the latest statistics, the number of people employed in the manufacturing industry of Pasco County is around 9,733, which is approximately 5.4% of the total working population. The number of part-timers in this market is about 1,500. The median income of the people working in the manufacturing site is $46.8 thousand, which is considerably higher than people working in the transportation and education sector.


Employment Opportunities


While most of the industry in Pasco County is considered small, it is still regarded as necessary in the local economy. At least 64% of the manufacturing companies hire employees lower than 5 and about 81% have lower than ten employees. Eight firms employ more than 500 individuals. Based on the summary released by SRI, only 4% of Pasco's industry is related to trade and manufacturing. The average annual employment in this industry is around 3.1%, which is lower than the trade and transportation sector but higher than the mining and natural resources industry.


The manufacturing industry of Pasco County has played an essential role in developing the state's economy. It also serves as the driving force in keeping the demand and needs of the different industries in various locations. The dynamic and robust industry has opened access to multiple employment opportunities that provide a decent income to individuals working in this sector. According to the experts, this industry is projected to develop in the coming years.

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