Guide on Buying the Best Thermometer for Kids


It is essential to know if a fever has finally set in and determine how high it is. A fever running for more than three days may be a sign of a serious health condition, and it is time for you to seek professional medical help. Babies under three months old who have a fever should be monitored immediately by the doctor. A temperature that can exceed 104-degree Fahrenheit can lead to seizures in most kids. Therefore it is necessary to have the best thermometer for kids to monitor their condition easily.


Tips When Looking for the Best Thermometer for Kids


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With the different options in the market, finding the best thermometer for kids can be daunting. To guide you on the thermometer that can deliver the right solution, this article has evaluated the features, repeatability, and accuracy of the thermometers that would be appropriate to use depending on the kid's age.


Babies Below 3 Years Old

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For the babies three years old and below, the Academy of Pediatrics recommends taking the rectal temperature since the temperature in those areas is more precise. Some people choose to use the armpit thermometer since it is much easier to use but with lower accuracy. If you are using the best thermometer for kids on their armpit, and the temperature recorded was beyond 99-degree Fahrenheit, we encourage you to double-check it using the rectal thermometer.


3 Years Old and Above

 Best Thermometer for Kids

Kids who belong in this group can use the best thermometer for kids that take the oral temperature. However, if your kids have trouble keeping the thermometer secured in their mouths, you will not get their accurate temperature. The ear temperature can also be a great option for children and older babies. Unfortunately, getting it in the right position can be a struggle, resulting in temperature disparity on our skin and ears. A thermometer that reads the infrared energy of our kids can also be used for babies three years old and above.




 Best Thermometer for Kids

Digital and infrared thermometers can be the best thermometer for kids; they are convenient, accurate, fast, and easy to use. However, you may also look for added features. Some of the thermometers will create a sound like whistles and beeps that tell the device is ready. Some thermometers will notify you if you place the thermometer in the wrong position.



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The best thermometer for kids should not expose them to safety risks. Avoid purchasing thermometers that your kids may accidentally swallow. They should also have protective covers. Never buy a glass thermometer with mercury content. It can accidentally break and release glass shards that can injure the kids. Mercury is also a poisonous chemical that is known as hazardous waste.


Finally, you may also need to consider the response time when choosing the best thermometer for kids. Some thermometers require only 10 seconds, while others need 80 seconds. On the other hand, the infrared thermometer will take the accurate thermometer in just 1-3 seconds.



Taking the Temperature of Your Baby Using Body Temperature Thermometer for Kids


The normal average temperature of children and baby is around 36.4-degree Centigrade, but this can still vary slightly. When they have a fever, their temperature can range from 38-degree centigrade and above. You can tell that your baby has a fever if they have red cheeks, feel clammy or sweaty, and if their stomach, back, or forehead feels hotter than their normal temperature. If you suspect that your baby has a fever, it would be best to check their temperature using a body temperature thermometer for kids.


How to Take their Temperature Using Body Temperature Thermometer for Kids

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Normally, you will need a digital or thermal body temperature thermometer to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading. You can avail of these in supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. When taking your baby's temperature, make sure that they feel comfortable in their position and insert the thermometer into their armpit. It is possible to use an armpit thermometer for children ages five years old and below.


How to Do This?


Gently hold and press their arm towards their body to ensure that the thermometer will stay in place. Keep the body temperature thermometer for kids in place for at least 15 seconds or depending on the instruction provided by the manufacturer. There are also digital thermometers that will release a beep sound once it is ready. The display will show the accurate temperature of your baby. An infrared baby thermometer is the best solution if you want a more convenient and easy-to-use thermometer.


How to Guarantee That Your Readings will be Accurate

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Suppose you are using a digital or infrared body temperature thermometer for kids, and you are following the manufacturer's instructions. In that case, you should be able to get an accurate reading. However, a few factors can affect your reading. For instance, if your child is wrapped on a blanket, you might get a slightly higher reading. You should also consider the room temperature since a warm room can affect your kid's temperature. If they are active or just finished a bath, or are cuddling a hot feeding bottle, expect that you will get a slightly higher temperature. Allow their temperature to settle down for a few moments before you even use your body temperature thermometer for kids. However, make sure that they will not be shivery. Be certain to take the baby's temperature more than once to notice some changes.

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Finally, you may also use other types of body temperature thermometer for kids, but they may not be as accurate as the infrared or the digital thermometer. There are strip-type utilized to capture the temperature of our skin rather than our body and the tympanic thermometer used in our ears. A glass thermometer that has mercury should never be used. It can break into small and sharp shards of glass and release poisonous mercury. This thermometer is no longer sold in pharmacy stores and used in health institutions.



How to Use No-Touch Thermometer for Kids


Health officials worldwide have been deploying a no-touch thermometer for kids, hoping to detect possible sickness symptoms conveniently and quickly. This type of thermometer is being used in different airports worldwide, especially after the rise of the pandemic. This handheld device has emerged as one of the most popular gadgets when screening diseases. It is easy-to-use, non-invasive, safe, fast, and accurate. It is also the most cost-efficient way to minimize the spread of disease.

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How the No-Touch Thermometer for Kids Works


The No-Touch Thermometer for kids was originally utilized in several industries, from fire fighting to manufacturing. It allows them to accurately capture the temperature of the object they are pointing at, which helps minimize accidents and injury. In this case, you are using it to measure the temperature by pointing it at the head of the person. It may not disclose the accurate internal temperature of humans, but this is the closest you can get.


The no-touch thermometer for kids works by telling the average temperature of the person by gauging the person's infrared energy released by the body. According to the chief officer of Sanomedics, the human skin is an efficient and good emitter of infrared energy. It makes the device highly effective in capturing temperature.


Capturing the Infrared Energy

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The no-touch thermometer for kids is designed to capture the energy released by our bodies. The device is then programmed to convert that energy into the temperature of the object or person. The sensor depends on the silicon lens that concentrates on the infrared energy to ensure precise temperature reading. It is intended to read the temperature at the specific point of our forehead. It is the thing that differentiates the handheld no-touch thermometer from the industrial thermometer. They also differ in their algorithm when translating the energy into temperature.


Benefits of a No-Touch Thermometer

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No-Touch Thermometer for kids provides a lot of benefits to the users. For instance, you can use it multiple times, and it will not transfer any infections or viruses to the person due to lack of skin contact. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), this type of thermometer can also accurately capture the temperature of dry skin. When using the average temperature, someone who has a higher temperature can show a normal temperature if he is inside a cool room. There is also a possibility that other medications such as pain relievers and aspirin can reduce the body temperature. You will not experience this problem when using the no-touch thermometer for kids. It will accurately capture the actual temperature despite the circumstances.


The no-touch thermometer for kids has been manufactured according to industry standards and stays in compliance with the requirements of the governing bodies. If you are uncertain about the values that it produces, you may get a second reading to confirm the temperature.


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