Great Things to Do in Hong Kong


The interests of the travelers are gradually shifting into the countries in Asia; the inclusion of Hong Kong into the list of the most visited country is a strong testament that international tourists are now paying attention to the country’s tourism. Theoretically, Hong Kong is a part of the Mainland, but the culture, tradition, and personality of Hong Kong are distinct. It is a densely populated place filled with shops, restaurants, and places to visit in Hong Kong.


What to Do in Hong Kong

We asked some travelers regarding their favorite destination in Hong Kong and put it into this shortlist. Regardless of your interests, you can indeed find one that suits your personality.


Check the View at the Victoria Peak

 Things to Do in Hong Kong

If you want to capture the enthralling view of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak encapsulates that breathtaking image. It is a renowned vantage point where you will have a great perspective of the world’s most famous harbor and majestic scenery that will make the city of Manhattan looks provincial. Everything you read about the city of Hong Kong can be viewed from Victoria Peak. You can reach this place through the Peak Tram. It is recommended to visit this place before sundown where you will have a glorious view of the city lights.


Lin Heung Teahouse

 Things to Do in Hong Kong

For those who want to experience the early period of Hong Kong, one of the ideal places to visit in Hong Kong would be the Lin Heung teahouse. The Lin Heung, translated as Fragrant Lotus, is famous for its luscious dim sum. This teahouse is more than ten years that exudes the 1960s ambiance of Hong Kong, which is perhaps one of the reasons why most of their customers are older people. The place does not entirely embrace modernity so expect some language barrier when you visit this place.



Go on a Shopping Spree at Temple Street

 Things to Do in Hong Kong

If you are looking for the most affordable items and souvenirs in Hong Kong, you may want to experience the night market at Temple Street. The place illuminated by the traditional light bulb offers almost everything, from counterfeit products to bizarre medicines. It is also one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong for people watching. You can see the locals playing Chinese checkers on the bench, fortune tellers, and the street foods that can rival the street foods in Thailand.


Ride the Star Ferry

 Things to Do in Hong Kong

If you are thinking about the best things to do here, you might want to experience the iconic ferry of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, due to the reclamation, the entire ride has been reduced to a total of 8 minutes, but it can still be considered an engaging experience. It allows you to take a photo of the top places to visit in Hong Kong, and you may also experience the Symphony of Lights, where you will be enthralled by the show of fireworks that will illuminate the sky.


It is impossible to experience the entire city in just a single visit, but there are definitely things to do in Hong Kong that you shouldn’t miss, such as the things we mentioned above.

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