Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings


Sugar is an addictive substance. The decision to stop consuming sugary products is not always easy, but it is better for our health. Even if you decide to stop, there are still products sold in the market that secretly contain sugar. Therefore, you need to be aware of the biochemistry of sugar to put a stop to it for good. In 1955, the regular size of a soda drink was only around 7 ounces. You probably wonder what leads us to the average size of 128 ounces of today. It is due to the addicting nature of sugar.


Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings


avoid sugar addiction

This kind of sugar addiction can lead to various health issues such as digestive problems, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, and obesity. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this. You can successfully stop your sugar cravings for good.


Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

 Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Drinking coffee without a proper breakfast is a perfect way to boost your sugar cravings. Once we wake up, our body is supposed to release cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This will help us start our day. Most people are underslept and tired, which prevents their bodies from producing the right hormones. Some people will choose to take a dose of coffee to jumpstart their day. Drinking coffee will suddenly increase the cortisol in your body. This will put a strain on our cells, requiring insulin. You may want to switch to green tea for a healthier option.


Choose Mineralized Water


Deficiency in a particular nutrient or mineral will trigger our sugar cravings. Reverse osmosis and purified water does not contain adequate minerals. The purification process may remove the harmful elements in the water, but it can also eliminate the trace of nutrients and minerals, which hydrate our body. Whenever you want to drink water, choose mineralized water. Picking the suitable water will enhance your energy and eliminate unnecessary cravings.


Go For Complex Carb

 Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

If you are experiencing sugar cravings, try to eat at least one serving of sweet potato daily for at least five days and analyze how it will affect your cravings. Individuals following a Paleo diet reported a noticeable decline in their cravings. Your Paleo diet does not necessarily have to be low in carbs. Complex Carb will slowly release the glucose and reduce your cravings and mood imbalances.


Avoid the Processed Foods


Processed food is also addicting, just like cocaine and heroin. According to the 2013 study conducted at the Connecticut College, Oreos has been found addicting after analyzing how it affected the behavior of the lab rat. Processed foods contain sugar that activates a brain region called the nucleus accumbens. It stimulates the production of dopamine that makes us feel good. Eventually, we will crave this type of feeling, leading to addiction and sugar cravings.


You can also stop your sugar cravings through acupuncture, which we will discuss below. Just like how acupuncture can help in smoking cessation, it can also provide support to people experiencing withdrawal from their sugar craving.


Break the Cycle of Your Sugar Cravings

 Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Most of us will always have something sweet to complete our meal. However, some of us are completely full after a meal but will still have plenty of room for sugary foods. During the past decades, sugar had sneaked into our regular diet. They can be found in our cereals, soup, and even on a healthy dessert like yogurt. According to the study, at least 75% of our food contains sugar typically. This is probably the reason why most of us are addicted to sugar. Our physical sugar cravings are not the only reason we are so hooked on sugar. Most of us are also emotionally dependent on these sugary foods. This gives us a comforting feeling since sweets have been proven to release dopamine, making us feel good.




Lots of factors can cause your sugar addiction. When you are experiencing sugar cravings, you will typically feel emotionally unstable. To break this cycle, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy has the power to calm your mind that will ease your anxiety. You will also understand your body much better, which will prompt you to apply strategies that will properly manage your diet. You will also have the capacity to resist your craving and go for healthy options. The choice of your palate will gradually change, and low-sugar foods will eventually satisfy you. As your metabolism starts to stabilize, your health and body will be better.



 Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings


Your sugar cravings and addiction can be boosted when you are not present at the right moment. With the help of yoga, you will pay more attention to your body and be in the right moment. Dealing with your addiction than concealing the real issue is a better solution. By practicing yoga, you will fortify your mind and be neutral with your emotions and thoughts. The power of yoga to eliminate stress can also help you eradicate your terrible food choices. Based on the study, a high cortisol level may lead to cravings for food that are high in fat and sugar.



 avoid sugar addiction

Ancient Chinese Medicine has long been aware of the damage of overeating sugar. The excessive intake of sweets may damage our health and lead to different conditions. Acupuncturists believe that there are pressure points that control your sugar cravings. By targeting these points, you will treat your sugar addiction. After the treatment, it is essential to drink lots of water to clear out the toxins in your body. Acupuncture has got to be one of the most effective solutions to your sugar addiction. It will correct the imbalance in your spleen, which affects your sugar cravings.



Fortunately, proper management and control of food intake can stop your sugar cravings. We do not necessarily have to eliminate the sugar entirely from our diet. By increasing your awareness, you will have a low-sugar diet. You may also use a supplementary treatment to beat your sugar addiction.

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