Effective Method to Get Your Ex Back

You have been spending some time on your own. You decided to do things in your way and dated some random guy, but you realized that you made a huge mistake in giving up your previous relationship. There is a huge chance that it is not yet too late to rekindle your relationship. However, we advise you to avoid creating rush decisions and not create mediocre actions. You need to know that you are doing the right ways to get your ex back.


Successful Ways to Get Your Ex Back



Before we start, you need to have a legitimate reason to get back with your ex. Telling him that he's your life or that you are not happy without him will not be acceptable. Make sure that you have a valid reason. Here are some proper ways to get your ex back. This guide will teach you the appropriate methods to approach him and make him interested in you again.


Reconnect With Him through Text


In some instances, 'absence' will not make us miss the people we love. The distance between two people can lead to confusion. It may cause the heart to forget and seek another person to love. Calling him immediately is not the right way to get your ex back. We recommend you send a sweet message through text first. Make it discreet and ensure that it doesn't sound flirty. For instance, if you both enjoyed the music of Coldplay when you were a couple, you may tell him that you were listening to the radio a while ago, and it brought back some memories. If he responds to your message, there is a good chance that he wants to rekindle your relationship.


Proceed Cautiously


You might have been intimate with him in the past, but this does not necessarily mean that you can be with him again. We recommend you to start slowly if you want to get your ex back. Do not immediately tell him that you want to move together; start by getting together. Remain respectful to your ex. Realize both of your mistakes and forgive each other. Getting back together should not feel forced.


Call Him Carefully


If you follow our tips above and everything is going fine, you might want to invite him for a casual date over the phone. Let him listen to your voice and ensure that your voice will register an authentic sincerity. Your voice is one of your powerful tools to get your ex back. Ask him if he would like to join you for a quick visit to an art gallery or join your hiking trip this weekend. Choose a relaxed and neutral environment when you plan to get together. Remember that accepting your invitation does not instantly mean that he wants you to be together again romantically. Never stalk, cry, beg or do actions that make you look pathetic. He will realize that he still likes you at the right time.


Accept the Fact That You Miss Him


After he accepts your invite, you might want to ask him the things that are keeping him busy after your breakup. Ask him about his dog and if he is still potty training his dog. Update him about your work and if everything is going in the right direction, tell him that you missed him. Showing your vulnerability at the right moment will help get your ex back. Just try being open to him and witness how he will react to your words. It is not the time to talk about what went wrong in the past. Both of you are aware of that mistake. Keep a light conversation.


Own Up to Your Mistakes


If he appears open to the possibility of rekindling your relationship, it is time to step up and own up to the mistakes that you committed. If you did something that hurt him, you need to give a sincere apology. When you may not be aware of your mistakes, seeking professional help might be necessary. The therapist will help you understand the reasons why your relationship ends and find a solution to address the problems and get your ex back. You need to show him that you are responsible.


Avoid Bringing Back The Past


After acknowledging both of your mistakes, it is time to advance forward and never look back on your past mistakes. Avoid talking about it, especially if you have a misunderstanding. Focus on the positive things that are happening in your relationship. Keeping a positive thought will not only support you to get your ex back, but it can also help you weather the storm together. Look at the positive aspect that you love, such as his amazing sense of humor.


Make Use of Your Friend Group


Though you are probably looking for a new start, it does not necessarily mean that you need to let go of your old positive feeling. One way to re-establish those happy memories is by visiting the familiar and neutral environment. You can invite him on a weekend outing with your common friend group. However, make sure that you find time to break with the group and communicate privately. Being with your friend will make him feel comfortable and relaxed. It will help you to get your ex back.


Stop Comparing Your Notes


You need to convince yourself that your relationship never went into a 'hiatus.' There may be a point that both of you did things individually. Still, it doesn't mean that you will have to ask him about his adventures while you are not together. You don't have to tell your ex about your failed dates when you want to get your ex back. I don't think you will appreciate hearing about the women that almost replaced you.


What If He's Dating Someone Else?

 how to get your ex back

The entire process will differ once you find out that he is dating another girl. If you are in this situation, you should remain cool about it. Based on the study, at least 90% of the rebound relationships will end. Statistics show that the results may be in your favor. You should never harass him or the girl that he is currently dating. If you are feeling the urgency to call him, control yourself. You will realize that what you're doing during this period will lead to a better you. It will not be easy, but it will help heal the wounds. It may also help you realize your true goal, and you might not really want to get your ex back.


Consider Being Friend First

 how to get your ex back

Choosing to be a friend before entering a serious relationship will serve as the strong foundation of your relationship. Your past breakups may involve resentments and obstacles that you need to overcome. You won't find a solution when both of your hormones work aggressively. Before trying to get your ex back, invite him for a friendly date and find out if the wounds created by your failed relationship are still fresh.


After the Date


After you invite him on the casual date, you need to thank him for his efforts and that you enjoy the date. Do not sound too romantic when sending him a text message. You have to keep the communication honest and open. Hopefully, he will realize that he wants you in your life again. Saying the right words at the end of the date is one of the powerful ways to get your ex back.


Do You Really Want Him Back?

 how to get your ex back

You need to ask yourself if you really want to get your ex back. Think hard if this relationship is suitable for you and if he is the perfect man for you. Analyze your past relationship and think if it is still healthy to pursue this. Are there any points in your relationship that lead to your growth? Think about it carefully before you proceed with the tips we mentioned above.


There are times that you may realize that your motivation may be wrong. Perhaps you are only interested in the things that you can't have, or you just don't want to see him with the arms of another person. These non-satisfactory reasons are not the right way to get your ex back. If you don't have the right reason, then you are bound to create a relationship that is full of flaws. You should carefully think about it if you want him back in your life.


Finally, you should be prepared to hear his rejection. You are taking a lot of risks when you are trying to get your ex back. Based on the statistics, cyclical relationships show a low level of success and higher uncertainty. We are sure that you want this relationship to work out, but if things lead to the way you don't expect, be ready to walk away.



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