Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Companies


From a site that allows the user to put their previous work experience, LinkedIn has come a very long way since it started in the year 2002. The professionals typically use this social media channel to post their resumes and find a prospective employer. Today, it is one of the best sites to execute your LinkedIn marketing strategy and build your lead list. Imagine a site that contains at least 300 million professionals that can boost your lead conversion if appropriately utilized. According to the study of Oktopost, around 80% of the sales enablement has all come from LinkedIn. Furthermore, 44% of the B2B market has generated valid leads from LinkedIn. But how do they do it?


LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Business: Creating a Lead Generation Page


LinkedIn Lead Generation

If you want to generate leads from LinkedIn, you need to make it deliberate. You need to be intentional when doing it. Your business page should be converted into a page that will increase your lead conversion. How do you do it? Let us start with the image that you are using. Header image is one of the first things people notice on your company’s website. Take a look at the header image of Hubspot; it is designed to attract people to learn more about its marketing strategy. After finding the right image, you will create an engaging and direct sales pitch. You are going to place the sales pitch into the description of your company. Remember that the first two sentences in your description are the most critical thing. Finally, the update you post on the site should be clickable.


The Showcase Page

 LinkedIn Marketing Startegy for Companies

If you are not aware of it, LinkedIn contains a showcase page wherein companies can promote their brand. It is a perfect way to increase your lead conversion and is mainly used by B2B marketers. The page should be clear on their targeted market and provide data that they can relate to. Like your page, the showcase page should be deliberately intended for sales enablement. Keep it short, concise, and direct and use the simplest word that anyone can easily understand.


The Advanced Search Feature


One of the best ways to build your lead list and increase your lead conversion is using the advance search feature. It is how you will find your prospected buyers. Filter your search by specifying the age, location, interest, language, and others. It is how you can identify your perfect target audience,


Publish Content

 LinkedIn Lead Generation

Content Marketing is another effective LinkedIn marketing strategy to increase lead conversion. Like most social media sites, LinkedIn also comes with a publishing platform. When creating the right content, you need to understand how your channel works, find the most popular topics, optimize your headline and the image and make a call to action to initiate sales enablement. Since most of the users of this platform are professionals, make sure that your curated content is professionally done and offers insightful data.


The LinkedIn marketing strategy provided above is broad and allows you to create a specific technique that works specifically in the nature of your business.

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