Digital Marketing Specialist vs. Traditional Agency


The online world is creating a considerable impact on how we do business and behave as consumers. Companies that have no solid online presence are missing a lot of opportunities. Some business still prefers the use of traditional marketing over digital marketing. To help them decide which one is apt for their business, we decided to compare the traditional and digital marketing specialist.


Traditional or Digital Marketing Specialist:  Which Is Better?

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To help you see the bigger picture, here is a detailed comparison between these two types of marketing agencies.


Playing Field


In terms of the playing field, the digital marketing specialist can help you compete with the other more prominent players in the industry regardless of the size of your company. It means that the digital world provides a leveled playing field. Regarding traditional marketing, a small local company will struggle to match the resources and quality of the bigger companies. Advertisements on billboards, radio, television can be expensive. Moreover, it comes with a limited reach.




We all know that 15 seconds of an advertisement on national television or radio is expensive. Print advertisement can also cost significantly high, especially for smaller businesses. The digital marketing specialist will help you increase your online visibility for only a minimum cost. Many companies have now acknowledged the capacity of online advertisement to replace traditional channels such as magazines, radio, and television.


Measuring the Effectiveness of the Strategy

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The traditional marketing agency will not be able to provide you with real-time data to tell you if your strategy is effective or not. On the other hand, a digital marketing specialist can supply you with essential information that will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy effortlessly and achieve a better outcome. For instance, using Google Analytics will let you measure your traffic. There are also e-mail marketing tools that can measure the percentage of converting, reading, and opening your message. You will not have to wait for weeks to receive the essential data. You will be able to see the increase in your number of visitors and audience instantly.




The digital marketing specialist will charge you a minimum fee when marketing your business worldwide. Try doing that in traditional marketing and see how much it will cost you to reach your international audience. In addition, after your website has been optimized with the right set of keywords and you rank higher at the SERP, it can provide you with a long-term ROI. Maintaining your rank at the search engine site will also cost low.

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Finally, the digital marketing specialist can encourage the followers, audience, and prospects to conduct an action such as visiting your official site, clicking on a link, rating your business, posting a review, downloading information about your product, and others. It means that they have more control over the marketing strategy than the traditional advertisement form. These are just some of the reasons why most companies prefer digital marketing.


How the Digital Marketing Specialist Create their Strategy


The digital industry is in a constantly changing landscape. Finding success will highly depend on the action that a business is willing to take concerning their online marketing. From analytics to content marketing, it may be overwhelming to determine the most important and how to start. It is why most people prefer to hire the service of a digital marketing specialist. They can formulate the suitable strategy ideal for your business goals and needs.



Building the Profile of Their Preferred Audience

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Whether you are marketing online or offline, you need to know your audience. The best marketing strategy built by the digital marketing specialist is based on the qualities of their consumers. The profile of your ideal consumers can be created by thorough research, interview, and survey. You should never make any assumptions when building their profile. A slight mistake can affect the overall result of your marketing strategy. The kind of information you will need will be based on the nature of your business. In terms of the quantitative type of information, you can list their job title, income, age, and location. For the qualitative, you may include their priorities, hobbies, interest, challenges, and goals.


Determining the Goals and Resources Needed


The marketing goal of the digital marketing specialist is usually associated with the company's overall plan. For instance, if the company hopes to increase its revenue by 20%, then perhaps your goal is to increase your lead generation by at least 50%. Aside from that, you need to know how to measure the progress of your goal. It will determine if the marketing strategy is effective or not. You will be able to measure your growth using tools and online resources.


Analyze Online Marketing Channels


When digital marketing specialist formulates their strategy, they first analyze their existing marketing channels. It will help them consider their priority to avoid being overwhelmed. There are at least three types of marketing channels online; paid, earned, and owned media. Paid Media is basically the marketing channel where you need to spend money to capture your targeted audience's attention. Earned Media is the exposure you gain through the shared content, customer reviews, and press releases. The Owned Media is the channel you owned such as blog content, social media, and website. The channel that you will use will highly depend upon your goal.


Finally, after they build the profile of their targeted audience, successfully determine their goals and analyze and audit their online marketing channels, it is time to use them together to build an effective marketing strategy. The strategy created by the digital marketing specialist is unique depending on the business. By using the information they collected, they can now map out the actions they need to take to achieve their business goal.

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